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AvoirDerma – One of the worst parts about aging is your face showing it. Sure, it’s great to be wise and know where you are in life. But, it’d be nice to have that along with the youthful looking skin you had in your early twenties. Wrinkles can start appearing as early as your mid-twenties, and it’s not until then you realize you’ve taken your youthful skin for granted. Luckily, there are ways to help improve the complexion of your skin. And, anti aging creams are one of them.

One new anti aging cream on the market is AvoirDerma. It claims it can help get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. But, we’ll talk more about that in the next section. The company claims that their products are made without harmful chemicals, parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances. Because of that, your skin is less likely to react poorly to it than other products that do contain those things. We haven’t tried AvoirDerma for ourselves, so we can’t speak to how well it works, but if you want to check out our number one anti aging cream, click the button below.


What is AvoirDerma?

Avoir Derma claims it can help you get rid of signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. To understand how it does that, first we need to understand how collagen works. Your skin is made up of mostly collagen and water. But, as you get older, your skin starts to produce less collagen, and that can lead to it cracking and wrinkling. The main ingredient in AvoirDerma Cream is peptides. And, peptides are similar in structure to broken down collagen molecules. When your skin touches peptides, it thinks its collagen is breaking down faster than it should. So, it starts to produce more collagen and make you look younger.

What to Do While Using AvoirDerma

One thing that people don’t talk about too often is developing wrinkles when you still have acne. You’re getting the worst of both worlds. But, here are a few ways you can heal your acne while using an anti aging product like AvoirDerma Renewal:

  • Change Your Pillow Case: When you sleep, the bacteria from your face and mouth attach to your pillow, which you put your face on again night after night. Change your case to avoid that extra bacteria.
  • Moisturize Daily: If you have oily skin, you may think you don’t need to moisturize your skin. Wrong. If your skin is overly dry, it can produce extra oil making your skin shinier than ever.
  • Skip the Dairy: Things like milk and ice cream can make you breakout, especially around your cheeks.
  • Don’t Pick Your Face: Picking at your face can lead to extra dirt and oil on your face that lead to breakouts. And, picking can lead to scarring which takes much longer to heal.
  • Don’t Use the Toothpaste Method: Some people say put toothpaste on your zits to heal them. Don’t. Just don’t. It can irritate it and make it look much worse.

The AvoirDerma Bottle

Getting older can be great for the extra knowledge, but awful for your skin. If you’re tired of wrinkles, and anti aging cream like AvoirDerma Anti Aging Cream may help. There currently aren’t any scientific studies on AvoirDerma, but that’s normal for such a new product. But, if you’re not entirely sold on it, you can also click the button above to see our most popular anti aging cream. Good luck!

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