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It’s important to take care of your skin, and not just the skin on your face. The skin on the rest of your body needs love, too. That’s why we’ve dedicated so many articles to skincare on our site. One of the nice things about taking care of the skin on your body is that it’s less sensitive than the skin on your face. So, you’re able to use different products on it that would make your face break out. So, you can use things that smell amazing and have things like nuts inside them without worrying. One of the best things you can use is a brown sugar scrub. But, there are so many it’s hard to start. That’s why I went in and did some research on what’s the best brown sugar scrub.

My search took me all over, to the drug store, to high end stores. And, my skin has never glower more or felt softer. My search for the best brown sugar scrub took a few months of trying different products, but it was well worth it. I was able to narrow down three different scrubs that I absolutely adore. Not only did they make my skin look and feel better, but the scent always brought a smile to my face. Here’s my finalized list of what I think is the best brown sugar scrub:

Best Brown Sugar Scrub: Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub

This best brown sugar scrub you can find at most drug stores. It smells like delicious breakfast food that you might find at a fancy hotel. They say it’s just a maple scent, but there’s so much more going on in there. It contains cupuacu scrubs, banana, almond, and honey extract. I still have a lot of this left after using it a couple times a week for about a month. This best brown sugar scrub lasts a long time and is definitely worth it. It’s one of the cheaper options I found, too. So, if that’s your main concern, choose best brown sugar scrub.

Best Brown Sugar Scrub: Cake Beauty Desserted Island Smoothing Brown Sugar Scrub

This best brown sugar scrub smells like amazing cake. The scent is on their website is described as Tahitian vanilla and coconut. You’ll feel like you’re on a beach on your birthday. I noticed the most immediate difference with this one as it made my skin way softer after only the first use. It contains many different oils as well as shea butter to give you your softest skin yet. It costs about twice as much as the Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub, but it offers it to you half price on their website.

Best Brown Sugar Scrub: Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish

This is the high end brown sugar scrub I tried. It contains different oils such as primrose, sweet almost, apricot kernel, and jojoba oil. It also has ginseng root extract, peppermint, and citrus. It definitely smelled amazing and made my skin feel incredibly soft, but I can’t justify the price of it. But, if they were all the same price, this would be the best brown sugar scrub I would reach for.

All in all, this is about your preferences. You might want to check out other scrubs, too. For example, we have a guide on Black Sugar Masks we think you’ll enjoy. But, we just hope you enjoyed our list of Best Brown Sugar Scrub products, and we hope you found it useful! Thank you for reading today.

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