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We all have our favorite collagen creams for our skin, but have you thought about what you can do for skin dietarily?  After all, there’s a reason that Italians have that great, smooth, sexy looking skin.  There’s something in the diet they’re eating.  But outside of eating lots of olive oils, and living an active, healthy lifestyle like the Italians, you can do a few tricks to keep your skin looking great.  One of our favorites lately has been Collagen Supplements.  So what are the Best Collagen Supplements for Skin?  In our article today we’ll talk about a few of the most popular collagen supplements out there for skincare, what they do, and then give you our favorite.

What Defines a Collagen Supplement for Skin?

We’ve all seen Collagen supplements.  They’re a modern innovation, and help to provide nutrients that are good for building healthy hair and skin.  So, are Collagen Skin Supplements a clever branding innovation, or is there something that makes them more apt to help skin, rather than the hair and nail supplements we see?  In our research, it looks like there isn’t really a difference with the use of Collagen, but there are a few differences.  The biggest one is what else they’re using.  In the case of one of our favorite Collagen supplements, HUM Collagen Love, you’ll find that they’re using Vitamin C, a blend of Collagen, and some interesting ingredients they’re calling the “Skin Repair and Protection Blend”.  This blend is including  Red Wine Extract, Grape Seed Extract, and even the topical favorite, Hyaluronic Acid.

If you compare that ingredient list to a more hair or nail oriented collagen supplement, you’ll see that those secondary ingredients can change drastically.  That, again, is the case for other collagen supplements geared toward bone and joint health.

Does Dietary Collagen Help With Skin Health?

This is the real question you should be asking.  It’s been a buzz word in the skin industry for a long time, so finding whether or not it’s effective can be a little tricky.  You’ll see a variety of studies about them, but most of them are the type of pop-up studies that support and study only a specific brand.  It’s a marketing technique that can fool even the most careful consumers.  But if the studies are done correctly, they can be useful.  We’ve seen a running theme throughout these studies, they help your skin.

The study of Pure Gold Collagen points to a few areas of improvement, including;

  • Skin Dryness
  • Wrinkles
  • Nasolabial Fold Depth (Frown/Laugh Lines)
  • Skin Firmness
  • Collagen Density

So what do these benefits mean?  Basically that the collagen seems to be helping with surface skin aging.

Best Collagen Supplements for Skin

Now that we’ve talked about if, and how collagen supplements for skin are effective, we’ll talk about our favorite ones.

Bone Broth Collagen

This is a plain-Jane collagen supplement, which is probably why we like it so much.  While it can be a little off-putting, (what, we’re eating bones?), we like that it’s very simple and straightforward.

HUM Collagen Love

This is a supplement specifically aimed at skin health, which means it gets some more ingredients in the mix.  While we like this one, we think the additional ingredients can get in the way of the pure collagen experience.  It’s still highly recommended.

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