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Now, it’s becoming more and more popular to incorporate natural ingredients in our skin care routines. There are so many benefits to replacing artificial elements with simpler ones. Many of these natural ingredients hold more nutritional potency and less risk. Now, black sugar is the focus of this natural skin care trend. Black sugar is used in the form of facial masks to restore nourishment and fight the signs of aging on your skin.  Let’s get into our article on Black Sugar Masks, and what makes them so special.

What Is Black Sugar?

It looks a lot like brown sugar, but acts very differently. You’ve probably used brown sugar when you bake cookies and cakes at home. However, black sugar is an unrefined sugar that originates from Japan. This black sugar is more common in Asian cooking and baking. However, its nutritional value surpasses those of the more common sugars in the United States. Obviously, black sugar is darker in color than brown sugar. Also, its taste is much different than a traditional sugar. Black sugar holds an almost smoky and salty taste. This new skin care ingredient also contains nutrients like potassium, iron, and calcium.

The Benefits Of Black Sugar Masks

It may seem odd that sugar has turned out to be so good for the health of your skin. Usually, you avoid sugary foods to stay healthy. However, sugar has many benefits for your skin. Black sugar, as well as other sugars, can draw moisture into your dermal structure. Therefore, skin care methods like black sugar masks can help hydrate your skin.

Sugar can also encourage skin cell regeneration. This benefit specifically is helpful for the fight against aging and sun damage. The reason black sugar has this effect on your skin is because it is a natural source of glycolic acid. This helps breakdown your skin in order to prepare fresher and more youthful skin cells. Now, your damaged cells can be scrubbed away to reveal firmer and healthier ones. Black sugar masks specifically are powerful in this regard because the actual sugar particles act as natural exfoliates. Now, you can use black sugar masks in order to remove damaged cells on your skin.

Best Black Sugar Masks

Now, you can care for your skin by making your own black sugar mask! All you will need is black sugar water, and your favorite essential oil. The recipe is super simple. Black sugar and water should be stirred together in a 2:1 ratio. Then, leave the mixture in the fridge for half an hour. Once it has cooled, add two drops of your favorite essential oil! However, if you don’t have these ingredients or don’t wish to make your own black sugar scrub, there are excellent black sugar masks that you can purchase online or at local beauty stores. The Freeman Charcoal and Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask is highly rated by its consumers. Skinfood also makes its own black sugar mask that can safely exfoliate your skin.

Using natural ingredients in your skin care routine is possible. Now, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing the health of your skin when you use various products in beauty stores. Black sugar masks offer a pure way to exfoliate and brighten your skin. Exfoliating isn’t something you should do daily. Make sure you only do it a couple times a week. In addition, make sure you properly moisturize and apply SPF after you use a black sugar mask. Then, you can be on your way to smoother and healthier skin.

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