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It seems that every year, skin care products get weirder and weirder. There are different serums, gels, masks, everything. Some things are called even called smoothies. But, one of the weirdest things I’ve heard of lately is carbonated masks. They’re a little similar to black sugar masks, but more interesting. But, I think they might be one of the best products I’ve heard of lately. They can do so much. They can cleanse your skin, exfoliate it, and unclog your pores. And, it’s all with one product. When I found that out, I started planning out all the things I could buy if I stopped spending all my money on skin care products. But, the only things I could think of to buy with my new money was more carbonated masks.

The first time I tried a carbonated mask, I was shocked. It looked like mushrooms were growing on my face. But, surprisingly, that’s what’s supposed to happen. When the mask is exposed to air, it expands. In the end, it ends up looking like a gray cloud. One of the main uses for carbonated masks is acne. It helps cleanse your pores while calming down inflammation to keep your skin clear. It’s could be really helpful to you if you have oily, acne prone skin, especially if you pair a mask with these acne clearing moisturizers. If your skin is clear and dry, it might not give you the benefits you want. There are a couple of carbonated masks on the market, so I made a list to make it easier to find one for you.

Carbonated Masks: Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

This mask comes in a jug and is one of the most popular carbonated mask products on the market. These carbonated masks contain charcoal powder, green tea, pomegranate extract, and collagen. This is one of those carbonated masks that is great for healing your skin while preventing aging. Not only does it get sebum and dirt out of your pores, it puts nutrients back into them. As a result, your skin could look younger and glowing. And, it has adorable packaging. Every time I see that little pig mascot in my bathroom cabinet, it makes me want to smile.

Carbonated Masks: Sephora Collection Bubble Mask Detoxifying & Oxygenating

It seems that tea’s a popular ingredient when it comes to carbonated masks. This mask is made mainly with white tea. What I liked most about this one was how easy it was to use. Every time I opened a carbonated mask in a jar, I was worried about keeping it open for too long and exposing it to too much air. This is one of the the carbonated masks that comes in a pump that makes it extremely easy to use. And, it also made my skin look a lot more luminous.

Carbonated Masks: e.l.f. Hydrating Bubble Mask

This mask will give you the most for your money, and you can find it at most drug stores or on the ELF website. It’s cruelty-free, vegan, and doesn’t contain any added chemicals or fillers. It’s gentle enough that you can use it three times a week. And, this one works better for dry areas. If you have dry skin, this mask might be the best choice for you.

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