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You may know it as one of the most luxurious foods. However, caviar is the latest beauty trend to hit the skincare market. This delicacy is made from a collection of tiny fish eggs. These little eggs are traditionally processed and salted for flavor before being served. However, these fish eggs are leaving the plate and headed to your skin. They hold many different qualities that are beneficial for your dermal structure. That’s why it’s important to know all the different benefits caviar can have on your skin before purchasing caviar facials.

Benefits Of Caviar Facials

One of the reasons caviar is so good for our skin is because it’s mostly made from amino acids. In return, our skin’s makeup is mostly protein. Therefore, the amino acids from the caviar facials can help to rejuvenate your skin and replenish your dermal structure. This is why caviar facials are so beneficial for anti-aging properties. When your skin has what it needs to build new cells, those that are damaged from aging are replaced. Then, you can look younger with a smoother and firmer dermal structure. Also, caviar has a structure similar to that of your skin cells. This can help with the rejuvenation process as well.

The Best Caviar Facials

As you can imagine, caviar facials can really rack up a hefty price. After all, eating caviar is expensive enough. 1987 was the first recorded use of caviar in cosmetics when La Prairie launched their original Skin Caviar line. Now, this incredible skin care system can be found in luxurious spas like New York’s Ritz-Carlton near Central Park. This line covers more than just caviar facials, however, and includes a 3 minute peel treatment, foot treatment, and eye lift treatment.

However, there are some more affordable options as well. Aldi, known mostly for its cheap grocery items, has launched a skin care line made with luxurious ingredients like caviar. The best part? This skin care line is priced relative to the groceries it sells. Aldi’s Lacura skincare line contains extracts of caviar. The under-ten-dollar day cream from the Lacura line is supposed to rival the luxurious La Prarie brand found at the world’s most posh spas. However, these skincare products are found at a price that is much easier to swallow.

How Well Do These Caviar Facials Work

The Lacura Caviar Illuminator is a firming skincare cream with a range of anti-wrinkle properties. There are many who believe it to be neck-and-neck with La Prairie’s caviar line that costs 20 times the amount. The caviar extract in this caviar facial product is rich in protein. Therefore, it works  to strengthen your dermal structure. It’s also packed with other vitamins and minerals that can brighten and nourish the skin.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s no difference between the two caviar facials. The main difference between the luxury cream and the bargain brand, besides price, is that you would need to use much more of the Lacura bargain cream than the La Prairie product. With the much lower price, this shouldn’t really be a huge issue. In fact, studies found that the La Prairie version can boost hydration after four hours by 58 percent. That means boosted elasticity and a smoother surface. If you’re looking to try a luxurious and fancy skincare item, the La Prairie cream is likely for you. If you’re looking for anti-aging properties on a budget, try shopping at Aldi!

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