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Taking care of oily skin is hard. That’s why we created this Cleansing Tips for Oily Skin guide. You’re not sure if you’re getting to much moisture on your face or not enough. And no matter how much you wash your face, you can still end up looking like a grease ball. Not cute. It makes it hard to keep makeup on without loads of powder. The reason some people have oily skin is that their sebaceous glands are producing too much sebum, making your skin look greasy. And, it can contribute to more acne than you would otherwise have. It’s hard to find a balance when it comes to cleaning oily skin which is why I came up with a list of cleansing tips for oily skin.

Don’t be too bummed out if you have oily skin. When you’re older, you’ll appreciate it. Because your skin is naturally more moisturized, you’re less likely to get wrinkles early in life. And once you find a cleansing routine that works for you, it’s pretty easy to keep it under control. Right now, I’m happy with how my skin looks. And it’s all because of my cleansing tips for oily skin. And because I don’t want to keep the secret to myself, I made a list of cleansing tips for oily skin for you guys as well:

Cleansing Tips for Oily Skin: Cleansing

When you have oily skin, it’s important to clean off that oil off regularly. If you don’t, your pores will clog and you’ll develop acne. That’s why we started this Cleansing Tips for Oily Skin guide in the first place. It’s a good idea to get one that’s oil-free so it doesn’t add to your oiliness problem. Make sure it’s gentle though, as harsh cleansers will get rid of your skin’s moisture as well. You can get Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser at drug stores for $6.39.

Cleansing Tips for Oily Skin: Toner

If you don’t have a toner in your skin care routine, you should. But, make sure it’s not one that contains alcohol. Alcohol dries out your skin which in turn can make your skin produce more oil to counteract that. One toner that could work well for you is rosewater. Rose water has many benefits for all skin types, even sensitive skin. It can get rid of acne, hydrate your skin, get rid of puffiness, and more. Plus, it smells amazing and luxurious. You can get Mario Badescu Rose Water at Ulta for $7.

Cleansing Tips for Oily Skin: Moisturizer

If you have oily skin, it can be tempting to skip on moisturizer entirely. If your skin already has oil, what will adding more moisture do? One of the reasons your skin produces excess oil is that it believes it has to. When you strip it of even more moisture, it tries to make up for that by producing even more oil than it normally does. If you’re skipping moisturizer, that might be the reason that your skin is looking as oily as it is. Try to pick out a water based moisturizer like Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer which you can get at drug stores for $7.69.

Cleansing Tips for Oily Skin: Final Thoughts

All in all, we hope this Cleansing Tips for Oily Skin guide was helpful. We have many oily skinned writers here, and we know the Cleansing Tips for Oily Skin guide helped them. So, we hope it works for you, too. If you’re interested in skincare beyond Cleansing Tips for Oily Skin, we have a guide for other routines, like this one about Korean skincare. We also have a guide on moisturizing creams, too, if you’re looking for something with more moisture than the ones listed above. Thanks for reading our Cleansing Tips for Oily Skin guide today!

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