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If you haven’t heard of the many health benefits of green tea, you haven’t been paying attention. This common beverage boasts several abilities to improve your health. In fact, studies have claimed that green tea can do everything from improve blood flow, lower cholesterol, prevent heart problems, improve memory, and much more. However, it can also be beneficial for your skin. Green tea is also known as a cancer fighter. Due to its antioxidant count, it can be helpful in the fight against skin cancer is some cases. In addition, it also has many benefits for every day cleansing and acne-fighting. The cosmetic industry is starting to catch on to the amazing qualities of green tea.  One method that is catching steam?  Green Tea Foam Cleansers

Green Tea Skin Benefits

The benefits of green tea stretch comfortably in to the realm of skin care. This tea extract has various benefits for the health of your dermal structure. In fact, green tea can be a powerful tool in the fight against acne. This tea extract contains antioxidants. One of them includes ECGG, which is the antioxidant most cited as an effective zit-zapper.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that putting a bunch of tea leaves on your face is going to clear up your skin. The concentration of the ECGG antioxidant wouldn’t be powerful enough. However, daily application of cleansers that include this tea extract would be a great and natural start. Another benefits of green tea that can help in the battle of the breakouts is its ability to soothe irritated skin. Therefore, if you’re looking for a natural ingredient to fight stubborn acne, try looking for a green tea foaming cleanser!

Best Green Tea Foam Cleansers

Other than green tea, another hot ticket in the beauty market right now is Korean cosmetics. These products are more often made with natural ingredients and adorable packaging. Inninsfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam is no exception. Innisfree makes their green tea foam cleansers from organic green tea leaves. This natural foaming cleanser is rich in amino acids and minerals that can brighten your complexion and still keep skin hydrated. This foam cleanser is the perfection solution for those with combination skin and eliminates makeup residue, leaving skin clearer and brighter than ever. For those that haven’t used this product, a little goes a long way. This green tea foam cleanser can lather up really nicely, so only a dime-size is necessary.

Another great green tea foam cleanser is Formula 10.0.6 Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser. This daily cleanser is packed with green tea extract and passionfruit. Therefore, you can trust it to keep your skin healthy the natural way. It can strip your skin of facial oils and impurities without leaving it too dry. This green tea foaming cleanser works to clear your complexion and is formulated for daily use. The green and chamomile extracts in this foaming cleanser work to fight blemishes in your skin. Then, the passion fruit balances everything out. This formula comes in a gel, then massages into a foaming cleanser. All you have to do is rinse with warm water to start seeing clearer and brighter skin.

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