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LuLuLun face masks recently started popping up in all the top 10 face mask reviews. I was intrigued at first, but the more I saw it, the more I knew I needed to do a LuLuLun Mask Review myself. LuLuLun is a brand from Japan. One of the reasons it’s so popular here and in Japan is how affordable it is. You can get 35 masks for about 15 dollars. And, they come in different kinds for any type of skin you can imagine. Not to mention, the packaging is absolutely adorable.

I picked up a couple of different face masks for my LuLuLun Mask Review and liked quite a few of them. The goal of their masks, according to their mission statement, is that they don’t want to conceal your beauty, they want to bring out your beauty. LuLuLun has four different series of face masks: Series One, Series Plus, Series Precious, and Series Regular. And, they have a few limited-edition masks. But, I reviewed a few from the normal series. Here’s my LuLuLun Mask Review.

LuLuLun Mask Review: LuLuLun One

I was especially a fan of this face mask. I have dry skin which this mask is perfect for. It’s an oil based serum that’s specially designed to heal dry skin. Two of its main ingredients are gallic acid and apple extract. It’s made without fragrances, colors or mineral oils. Because of this, it’s safe for sensitive skin. It’s incredibly simple to use. All you do is apply the mask to your face after you wash it, leave it on for 10 minutes, and rub it into your skin when the time is up. You can get 5 masks for $25. It also comes in a white version which brightens your skin.

LuLuLun Mask Review: LuLuLun Plus Rose

I would be lying if I said I didn’t pick this mask because of the packaging. It’s a gorgeous pink covered in roses. This mask is designed to help fight against aging. It contains damask rose essential oil, rose him, and angelica herbs. It smells deliciously like roses naturally. The roses are the main ingredient behind its anti-aging powers. The rose hips are super good for scars and dark spots. It has vitamin C which naturally brightens the skin’s appearance. And, the angelica herb is famous for brightening up your skin. You can get 5 masks for $15.

LuLuLun Mask Review: LuLuLun Face Mask Pink

The masks in the regular series give you the most bang for your buck. You can get 36 sheet masks for $25. According to their website, each box of masks contains 4 bottles worth of serum. The pink box is perfect for moisturizing your skin. The main ingredient is rice ceramide which is close to the ceramides in your face. Because of that, the benefits from the rice ceramides are able to enter your skin quicker than it would otherwise. Whenever you want a mask, all you need to do is reach in the box. They’re not individually wrapped so you don’t have to deal with opening paper containers with wet hands. And, they stay moist for a long time.

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