Brain Supplement Reviews

Did you know we review supplements?  Because we review a lot of supplements.  You probably could guess from the name, but we don’t review just any old supplement.  We review the best new supplements. But just rushing out there and putting words on a screen doesn’t mean they’re going to be any good.  We have a method that makes it so our Brain Supplement Reviews, and our other reviews, come out being useful, educational, and valuable to our readers.

Our reviews consider a lot of information, and we’re going to detail what we’re looking at below.  It might be a long read, but if you’re interested in how we’re doing things, then you’ll enjoy it.  If not, get out of here!  Go on, get!  Our latest brain Supplement Reviews are available to read, and they’re linked a bit down the page.

Brain Supplement Reviews – Our Criteria

Before we jump into our criteria, I wanted to say one thing. We have great writers.  They’re highly driven, motivated people, and they’re smarter than your average bear.  They’re good at what they do, and they don’t get paid as much as they should be.  But the world doesn’t run on cheerios and well wishes.  It runs on money, and in order to pay our writers, we need to make money. So while we do want to provide value to our readers, we also want them to visit.  If they buy something by clicking a link on our site, great.  If not, that’s fine too.  Alright, on to our Brain Supplement Review Criteria.

Brain Supplement Review PricesBrain Supplement Reviews – Price

Alright, this is the first thing to consider with brain supplements.  Is it expensive?  Is it prohibitively expensive?  Will you need to take out a mortgage to get a bottle?  We understand we operate with some hyperbole here, but price is nothing to dismiss.  It’s not like we can afford to pay hundreds of dollars a month to get an edge with a supplement.  Even if we could, would it be worth it?  That’s debatable.  Nevertheless, we take supplement price into account when we do our products.  But saying “this supplement costs x” isn’t as simple as it sounds.  With the popularity of trials today, finding a product that is available to buy directly is harder than you think.  Let’s look at the average Brain Supplement Trial, below.

Brain Supplement Reviews – The Trial

There are a lot of bad trial experiences out there online.  But most of them boil down to one thing; they didn’t read the trial details, and by the time they did, it was too late.  That said, not all trials are good.  When we review a product, we look for information about that product, its trial and how it’s operating.  If it’s not up to our standards, then it will get dinged in our ratings.  If it is up to our standards, then great, we’ll give it our seal of approval.  There’s one really important thing that we want everybody to remember.  Just because we review a product, doesn’t mean we’re affiliated with the product.  That would be like a video game review site being owned by the company.  That said, we’ve seen plenty of other sites using that tactic, just not ours.

Here are a few things we look at when we look at online trials for brain supplements;

  1. Trial Length
  2. Intro Price
  3. Company Reputation
  4. Product Price
  5. User Reviews

Sometimes we won’t be able to get all of this info, so ratings can be withheld if we don’t feel comfortable in giving an accurate assessment of the trial.

Brain Supplement Reviews – Does The Supplement Work?

Again, this one sounds easier than it is.  Most supplements we cover work in some way or another.  But a lot of them claim more benefits than they can hope to keep.  The thing we try to do is target where people are experiencing success, and relaying that information in our reviews.  That said, a lot of times we don’t have access to user reviews because of the relative newness of the product.  In that case, we’ll base our info off of the next segment, ingredients.  But we also want to evaluate whether or not the supplement is going to live up to the claims laid out by the company.  There are some Brain Supplements, for example, that try to claim that they’re getting results outside of the scope of their ingredients.  Like when a nootropic advertisement says it’s going to help you in the weight room.  It’s not going to happen, and the only reason they put in that info was to hopefully convince that small subset of users who need both in one pill.

Brain Supplement Reviews

Brain Supplement Reviews – Safety

When it comes to brain pills and nootropic reviews, the writer has a responsibility to evaluate the safety of the product before recommending it to anybody. While we’re not doctors, health professionals, or even that smart of people, we do keep an eye out for warning signs.  Things we pay attention for include;

  1. No Ingredient Label
  2. Stimulant Overload
  3. Outlandish Ingredients
  4. Unproven Ingredients
  5. Known Dangerous Ingredients

If we look out for these, and our eyes are sharp, then we’ll point them out in the review.  90% of the supplements we review, we think are basically safe for people to use.  But when it comes down to it, certain things might make you ill or sick, and we have no idea what those things are going to be.  If you’re truly invested in learning about the safety of a given supplement, take it with to the doctor and go over the ingredients with them.  If you’re less invested, do some research yourself on the ingredients.  It’s important that you take what you put in your body seriously.

Brain Supplement Reviews – Ingredients

Best New Brain SupplementsWe love looking at ingredient lists when they’re available.  They tell the actual story of how a supplement is going to work for a given user.  But for a lot of supplements, these ingredients can be hidden behind proprietary blends and mixes, or even be withheld completely until you get the bottle.  That’s why we tend to favor brain supplements that not only give us an ingredient label, but do it in a way where we can see amounts and totals of the ingredients.   Before we go onto our other criteria, let’s take a look at some of the more common Brain Supplement Ingredients we see in our day to day reviews;



  • Gingko Biloba – This herb is a popular choice in herbal brain supplements.  It’s used primarily as a way to improve memory.  But as to how effective it is, and what kind of benefits it has, are up for debate.
  • L- glutamine – If you’ve ever used a  muscle building supplement, chances are that you’ve used glutamine.  But this ingredient has benefits beyond getting beefy.  Some info online points to it as a booster for neurotransmitters, as well as for energy, focus and learning.
  • N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl – According to, Carnitine is thought to decrease mental fatigue and increase cognitive function
  • Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate – this chemical is a neurotransmitter that is often used in the treatment of brain disorders.  Used supplementally, it’s a great addition to any formula.
  • Huperzine – Huperzine is an extract of chinese club moss.  It’s commonly used as a supplement for brain function, memory and other related issues.
  • Fish Oil – While fish oil might not be the most exotic, or best tasting ingredient on the market; it has a ton of health benefits.  Those benefits don’t stop at cardiovascular health, either.  We see fish oil in a lot of supplements these days.

Brain Supplement Reviews – Keeping It Fresh

Nobody likes reading old reviews of supplements that might not even be on the market anymore.  That’s why we’re always on top of our game.  We scour the internet for the latest new brain supplements, and review them before anybody else has even heard of them.  While most of them don’t end up making the mainstream, we review all comers.  There are a few products we avoid, namely from big companies in supplements.  They really don’t like their supplements getting reviewed by outside parties, I wonder why.  So we stick to small companies, and lesser known products.  Speaking of the latest reviews, if you’re ready for some great reviews, buckle up.  We’ve got the latest list available to view right down below.

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Brain Supplement ReviewBrain Supplement Reviews – Overall Ratings

When it comes to the end of our reviews, we assess each product with a numeric rating of x/10.  While we consider ourselves to be fair in our assessments, we’ve been told we can be a little harsh.  So we’ve made this chart for people to help make sense of our ratings.

  • 1-3 – These products have obvious flaws, and we don’t recommend them.  There are other products on the market that do the same thing better, or there’s a reason there aren’t other products in this niche.  Buyer beware.
  • 3-6 – This middle ground is full of products that have good, to great qualities, but possess enough deficiencies that they’re not going to be in any of our “best of” lists.  We would steer clear of anything under 5 in this range, but we have had some good luck with supplements in the 5-6 range.  If you see a rating in this range, do some extra research before you buy.
  • 7-10 – These are good supplements, and we think most people will like them.  While 90% of our supplements won’t make this grade, even fewer make the perfect 10/10.  If you see that, go forward with extreme confidence.

It’s important for our readers to remember that these reviews are for entertainment purposes only.  We of course want to recommend products, but saying” hey, you should use this and then you’ll get a bigger brain” isn’t something we want to do.

How Do Our Brain Supplement Reviews Make Money?

This is the tough thing about running a review site.  We obviously want to provide entertainment and value for our readers, but we also need money to keep the operation going.  We all face tough decisions as editors, but one of the toughest these days is how to make money online.  You’ll notice a lot of news sites limit the amount of articles you can read before you get locked out of the site. Some even lock the content of the article behind a paywall.  We don’t want to go the subscription route.  But we also don’t want to go the route of bad, tasteless ads that pepper the site making it unreadable.  What we’ve decided on, instead, is doing a method called affiliate marketing.

How We Use Affiliate Marketing

Before we get into how and where we use affiliate marketing, we want to talk a bit about the practice itself.  Affiliate marketing is when one company, say a company that makes a product, offers a monetary incentive to other companies to sell their product.  It doesn’t mean that we’re getting paid to review a specific product.  We provide links to “try the #1 new product”, and when somebody clicks there and signs up for a trial, or buys the product, then we get a commission from that company.  Beyond that, we’re not affiliated with the company in any way, shape, or form.

What We Can (And Can’t) Do

We get a lot of questions regarding things people order from these affiliates, and some people even write us angry messages if their experience isn’t a good one with the product they buy. But we don’t have any control over your experience there.  We can’t help with order issues, customer service, or anything like that.  That said, if we get feedback from a number of users that something we’re linking to isn’t good, we’ll try and get a different affiliate company to use.

What We Don’t Do (And Why We Think It’s Cool)

While we do use affiliate marketing, there are plenty of other tactics we opted not to use.  We talked about not using the paywall method, but we also aren’t using other common methods.

  1. Ebooks – Ever read a “free ebook” from a website?  They’re typically terrible, no offense to e-book writers reading this.  They’re mostly made as a way to collect your email address, which then gets sold, or spammed with marketing materials until you buy something.  Not here, no way.
  2. Sign up for our email list – We don’t do this either.  While we think it might be useful for people to get a newsletter of our latest reviews, we also understand that people get enough stuff in their inbox.  We don’t ask for your email, and won’t.  The only exception is when you email the site, which we’ll obviously use your email to contact you back.
  3. Popups – Ever seen a popup you liked?  We didn’t think so.  They’re annoying, and even worse on mobile.  We’re not going to use popups here, even if you’re about to leave the site.
  4. Selling your data – We use some of your site visit data to make sure we’re putting out decent content, and in choosing what we write about.  But beyond that, your information isn’t getting sold or used otherwise.  Unless some giant company, or the government is already grabbing it without us knowing.  But we have our eyes out for that. Hands off!
  5. Fake Ads – There are plenty of things we don’t like about the internet, but using a gross looking ad that says you won’t believe this one easy trick for losing weight is one of the worst. We don’t use those ads, because we don’t want people to click them.

Brain Supplement Types We Review

There are a diverse range  of brain supplements out there, and they range in effectiveness, form, and price.  Let’s look at a few of the more popular brain supplement types;

Nootropics – The biggest branch of Brain supplements we cover are called nootropics.  The ingredients contained in nootropics are thought to interact directly with the brain, and are known colloquially as smart drugs.

Pills – Most of the supplements we cover are pill-based, but occasionally we’ll see a drop, powder, or even the occasional drink mix.  Pills seem to be the best option available for most ingredients, as they’re convenient, fast, and can contain any form of ingredient.

Specialty – There is a wide range of supplement types out there, so finding one that fits your specific dietary or medical needs can be tough.  Luckily, there is a large market out there for specialty brain supplements.  Herbal, Dairy Free, Vegan, Sugar Free, Gluten Free; all of these types are available, and we cover them.

CBD – This one deserves a category of its own, so we made one. You can check out our cbd reviews at our CBD oil hub, here.

Brain Supplement Reviews – Final Thoughts

We’ve come to the end of this long and winding discourse on how we do our reviews.  We’ve tried our best to detail how we’re doing reviews, but if you think we missed anything important, feel free to message us on facebook, or contact us at admin (at) best new supplements (.) com.

Thanks for reading our info guide, if you want to continue reading about the latest (read best) supplements, you can click any of the links below, or click here to head back to the homepage.

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