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Cannabidiol is everywhere these days. It’s no wonder why; the evidence supporting this “miracle” oil continues to mount. But finding the right (read; authentic) oil can be harder than it looks. That’s one of the aims of bestnewsupplements.  We want to review every cbd product we come across, and do it in a way that provides real, tangible value to our readers. But the process of reviewing a cbd product isn’t easy. As with any emerging product, there’s not as much information out there about its effects, safety, and efficacy.  But with the meteoric rise of CBD, that info is coming out fairly quickly. Not to mention, with a lot of bigger medical companies starting to put their financial weight behind studying cbd, we’ll start seeing a lot more supporting information sooner, rather than later.  Let’s move onto our criteria for assessing CBD in our CBD Reviews.

CBD Reviews – The Criteria

A lot goes into a successful product review, but it can be hard to discern that just from reading one.  If they’re well-executed, they can read like a chapter from your favorite book.  If they’re not, it reads more like a science journal (useful, but dreadfully boring).  So finding that perfect mix of style and substance can be tricky. We tend to focus more on substance here, which can make some of our reviews boring.  Well, it would if it weren’t for our supremely talented staff of writers. We think finding a writer you like here will go a long way in your enjoyment of our cbd reviews.  But before we start recommending writers to follow, let’s look at what they all share in common; the cbd review criteria.

CBD Reviews – Does It Work?

When we start our CBD Reviews, we start with a single question; does it work? But in the case of CBD Oil, it can be much more complicated than that. What works for one person might not work for another, and because of that, we put less importance on whether it worked for us than if it worked for the collective group. CBD is just starting to get researched for a variety of health functions, which means that a lot of the info we’re taking into consideration isn’t scientific. But anecdotal information does have its benefits. (We’ll get into how we assess our anecdotal information a bit later.) So how do we determine if something works? First we look for reviews. If reviews indicate that there has been some success in certain areas, we’ll note that. If it doesn’t seem to work in some areas, then we’ll let you know that as well.

Some CBD products are more suited to one application over another. When that happens, we’ll focus our efforts on investigating the claimed benefits, but not necessarily the benefits of cbd oil at large.  For instance; CBD Anxiety Drops.  This one is more geared toward anxiety applications, so we’ll look at how it’s helping there. But we might not look at other issues that it might be helping with.

CBD Reviews – Ingredients

If a product is working, that’s great. But we also want to know how it’s working. If it’s using an ingredient that we don’t like, then those results might be ill-gained. That’s why we take a long hard look at the ingredient list for every cbd product we review. While this probably won’t apply to most of the CBD products we review, there are a lot of products with added ingredients. So while, say, your average CBD extract won’t have anything added, a tincture might have added ingredients that help to improve or augment a certain effect that cbd has. If you look at a CBD sleep aid tincture, it might have things that help to improve or enhance the calming qualities of CBD.

CBD Reviews – Extraction Method

While this might seem like it’s a bit overkill for the average CBD consumer, the extraction method for CBD is very important to the overall quality. While cold-pressing is far and away the most common technique, there are other extraction methods that pop in every now and again.  So when we review a product and see one of these extraction processes attributed to the product, we’ll take the time to note it, and note the strengths of that given technique. For those of you who are curious, let’s outline the prominent extraction methods of cbd.

  • Cold Pressing – Have you ever used olive oil?  If you have, you’ve probably used something that was gathered via cold pressing.  But what is cold pressing? It’s basically a mechanical oil separation method that squeezes the oil out of the seed or pit used. While it’s not as efficient as other extraction methods, cold pressing does have some advantages. Because it’s not using a chemical solvent, it’s able to retain some of the more sensitive qualities of the seed. That can mean flavor, taste, smell, and the nutritional value contained within the pressed substance.  A good comparison would be trying good, extra virgin olive oil compared against a mass processed olive oil blend. They’re essentially the same, but one is far superior in terms of taste, fragrance and nutritional benefits.
  • Ethanol – Most tinctures ans essential oils use this method.  It effectively uses ethanol, aka grain alcohol, to leech the properties of cbd. The downside of this method is that it’s not preserving the waxy substances naturally found in hemp seed (which is thought to contain some of the medicinal benefits).
  • Co2 Extraction – This popular, but money-intensive extraction method uses a chilled, high pressure concentration of CO2 to isolate the oil from the parent substance. It’s hard to master, but when it’s done right, it’s the purest form of CBD oil available.
  • Olive Oil – Olive oil is sometimes used to extract the properties of hemp into a usable, oil form. This oil is highly-perishable, but common for people who decide to make their own CBD oils. You won’t often see it in commercial products.

CBD Reviews – Company History

CBD and medicinal marijuana have changed the online landscape. While there used to be a select few sources of information, there are now thousands. Where there used to be only a handful of companies producing products, they now number in the tens of thousands. So while it’s easy to get excited about a nice looking product that sells you the world, it’s also easy to remember that these companies are popping up by the hundred.  That’s why we like to do research into the company. How long has it been around? Has it operated under any other names? If there are answers, we’ll try to find them. If the company doesn’t have a good reputation, then we’ll take that into consideration when we’re writing up our review.

CBD Reviews – Product Format

We’re always reviewing the latest CBD products. But some of these are so bizarre that they belong in a top 10 weirdest list, not a review site. Today, for example, we found a guy selling cbd gummy frogs online as a muscle recovery tool. He was a big guy so something he was using was working, but we doubt it was those little homemade cbd oil gummy frogs that he was using. When we write a review, we want to inform our readers if something isn’t effective. For example, if it’s an oil, we’ll talk about what that oil is best used for, and the best ways to use it. If we’re reviewing a tincture, we’ll talk about shelf-life, and other considerations you should keep in mind before you buy.

CBD Reviews – Final Rating

At the end of our reviews, we’ll be combining our ratings into an aggregate score.  But sometimes we’ll withhold a final rating until more information becomes available. This rating should be a decent metric to assess a product by, without spending all of your time going through the steps we had to go through to get that number rating.

CBD Reviews – The Latest Products

While we want to review products that are timeless, you’ll find that more often than not, we’re reviewing the latest supplements.  I mean, it is in the name of our site. But we also think that getting info out there about new products helps to do the community a valid service. We want people making informed decisions about products, so getting the best info out there before other people can establish their own “alternative narratives” is helpful for us, and for our readers.  Speaking of new cbd product reviews, we have our list handy right here. It features everything from cbd info articles, to product reviews.  To read our latest reviews, click on one of the links below.  They’re all good ones, so jump in wherever.

CBD Reviews – Other Resources

We’re the first to admit that we’re not the end-all authority on CBD oil. We’re probably not even in the top 50. But we don’t really care there.  We’re trying our best, and seeking out the best information possible to help people make informed decisions. We’re also not stingy when it comes to our sources for information. In fact, we think that a lot of people will benefit by reading the things we’re reading. We’re going to list a few of our favorite sources below. But whenever you see a link on our site, you can hover over it to check where you’re going.  Chances are, you’ll these ones popping up a lot.

  • National Center for Biotechnology Information – The NCBI is an excellent resource for studies on CBD oil and its benefits, side effects, and other medical issues surrounding the product.  While a lot of the information can get pretty technical, there is a lot of good information in here if you’re willing to take the time to go over it.
  • Project CBD – While we might view Project CBD as our direct competition for your love, we do value their content. If you want to really dive into CBD, this is an excellent resource. Just make sure to bookmark us before you leave!
  • Food and Drug Administration – The FDA is the strong arm of the law when it comes to CBD oil products. While it might be harsh, it does have excellent resources for people interested in buying CBD products.  They also keep people from advertising some of the ridiculous benefits of CBD that we’ve seen advertised.

CBD Reviews – Affiliate Disclaimer

Alright folks, grab a seat and read this next part with a bit of patience and understanding. We’re a website. We’re not owned by some rich lady who is doing this all out of the kindness of her heart (god we wish). Instead, we have to figure out ways to make money with our content. So while we were developing this site, we came up with a few ideas. The first one was to use advertisement revenue. But in order to make any kind of money with advertisements, you need to have a lot more readers than we have.  I mean, look at even big news sites. They’re closing left and right because they can’t make enough money from ad revenue.  Plus, you would just use ad block anyway. But we don’t blame you.  But we do need to make money, and that’s why we’ve decided to go the affiliate route.  Here’s what we mean when we say affiliate;

You click on a link that says “try the best cbd oil today” and you’ll be taken to a site. If you buy something from that site, we get a portion of that sale. But beyond that direct marketing affiliation, we’re not affiliated with the company in any way. When you click on one of those links, we expect you to be smart. Make sure you’re writing down contact information, and also be sure you’re reading the fine print if it’s a trial offer. A lot of people get confused with the trial programs because they think they’re a free bottle.  Think of them as a way to try the product for a limited amount of time before buying it, and you’ll be on the right track.  If you have any questions about how we use affiliate links, feel free to reach out at our contact us page.

Our CBD Product Reviews – What You Won’t See

There’s a lot of ways we could have went about our site, but because we went the affiliate route, we’re able to avoid a lot of other annoying tactics.  The big one we were sure to avoid was pop-ups. They’re annoying, and on mobile, they can downright kill the experience. There are a few other areas that we decided to steer clear of as well.  First off, newsletters.  Honestly, it just made it easier for us to get our https: secure.  But it also gives you the benefit of having to deal with another email clogging up your inbox.  You know where we are, we’ll be here if you want to read.  But remember to visit!  If you want more reminding, you can always follow us on facebook or twitter for the latest information.

Additionally, we won’t be selling any of your information to third parties.  The most we’ll keep on your visit is data about what you visited, and for how long.  That data is useful for us in deciding what kind of content we want to write to best serve our readers.  But because we’re not asking for your email or contact information, you won’t be hearing from us unless you reach out to our contact page.  Remember, if you put in information on one of our affiliate sites, or a site that’s not bestnewsupplements.com, we’re not responsible for that. So be responsible, won’t you?

Ebooks – We’ve seen a million different “free ebooks”. But they’re all designed to get one thing–your contact info. You’ll notice that we’re not going that route here. One, we don’t want to waste your time with questionably good material.  Two, we don’t want to be responsible for responsibly storing your information.

CBD Reviews – Final Thoughts

There’s obviously a ton of info we didn’t get to cover here.  But we’re not trying to put everything there is to know about CBD onto a single page.  I mean, it wouldn’t be digestible for the average reader.  But we do plan on this place being an ongoing, constantly changing resource for people.  So if you want to be involved in the latest products and reviews, keep checking back here at best new supplements. Better yet, get involved in our comments section here or at Facebook.

If there’s a product that you want reviewed, you can request it at the contact us page. We don’t have time to review everything, so keep that in mind.  If you have inquiries about how to advertise on our site via affiliate links, you can direct them to our contact us page as well.

Thanks for reading our long-winded, meandering (rant) on how we do our cbd product reviews.  We appreciate you coming and spending that time with us. Remember, we’re not just a cbd review site, we review all the best new supplements we can find. If you have time, spend some at our different category pages. Or if you want to learn more about how we write our other product niche reviews, you can check them out by going to the home page.

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