Best New Supplements prides itself on great content.  It doesn’t take long to see that.  Just browse our site for a minute and you’ll see that our writers and editors mean business.  But the modern reality on the internet is that if you want to keep a great website open, you have to pay the bills.  Best New Supplements is no different.  In order to keep our writers fed, full, and caffeinated, we need to do things that make our company some $$$.  But how?  Instead of opting for pop-ups, or auto play videos that make your ears scream, we’ve decided to go another route.  That means on some of our articles, namely the product reviews, you’ll find us providing links to recommended products.

Affiliate Disclosure

What does that mean for you?  If you’re not clicking on them, nothing.  But if you decide you want to try one of these products, and click on one of our links, you’ll be taken directly to an affiliate, who sells that product.  We get a cut of sales from that affiliate, so when you buy through them, you help us stay afloat.  That said, we’re only loosely affiliated with them.

As to products we review, we don’t maintain any records on those products.  That means if you signed up for a trial somewhere online, see our review and think we’re them, you’re wrong. (It happens more than you think.)  That said, message us.  We’re usually happy to point you in the right direction, time permitting.

We like to think our focus on this site is providing well-written, informative reviews, not to milk our readers of money.  Ready to head back to the home page?  We have plenty of reviews and informative articles for you to take in.  Click here to head back to the Best New Supplements homepage.

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