Ketogenic Instant Pot Cooking

Have you heard of the Instant Pot? It’s amazing! It’s one of the hottest things in cooking of the last five years (pun intended). Today, we’re combining two popular trends – the keto diet and the instant pot and bringing you a guide for Ketogenic Instant Pot Cooking! Maybe you have an Instant Pot, but since you’ve started keto, you’re not getting much use out of it. It doesn’t have to be that way! There are a ton of great keto recipes you can make in your Instant Pot, and we’re here to tell you all about them! In our guide to Ketogenic Instant Pot Cooking, we’ll give you a little bit of info about the Instant Pot itself (in case you weren’t aware of this little miracle device), and then we’ll give you some ideas for things you can cook in it while still maintaining ketosis! If you’re ready for great food, made quickly that’s totally keto-friendly, let’s get started!

What is the Instant Pot?

Oh… you don’t even know! It’s the best! We seriously can’t recommend it enough. The Instant Pot is a one-stop shop for cooking! It’s a slow cooker and a pressure cooker! It can sauté! You can make everything from rice to yogurt in it! Got a two-pound roast? Stuff it in the Instant Pot, and you’ll be eating in no time! If you look at the official website, you’ll see them advertising that it can make things like brownies and garlic bread, which are keto no-no’s, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great dishes you can make!

Ketogenic Instant Pot Cooking Guide

Rather than give you a bunch of recipes, we’re going to serve as some inspiration! So many recipes are customizable to taste anyway, and to be honest, we’re not cooking experts. If one of these options sounds good, a professionally made recipe is just a search away! We’ll give you some basic examples of things you can cook in your instant pot that are delicious and keep things keto!

Ketogenic Instant Pot Cooking

  • Hard (or Soft) Boiled Eggs – We’ll start with breakfast because that seems natural. The instant pot can hard or soft boil eggs much quicker than by boiling them on the stove. It only takes a few minutes in the pressure cooker!
  • Shredded BBQ Beef – Use a chuck roast in the pressure cooker for a couple of hours. By the time it comes out, it’ll just fall apart. Add the BBQ sauce of your choosing and you’ve got delicious, succulent, keto-friendly shredded BBQ beef
  • Salmon (or other fatty fish) – The Instant Pot also does a dynamite job of steaming fish. Up your fat intake by pairing it with a lemon butter sauce, and you’ve got an amazing dinner in under an hour!
  • Buffalo Chicken – We don’t take part in any diet that doesn’t allow buffalo sauce. Luckily, it’s keto-friendly! The Instant pot can make chick in under a half-hour. Pressure cook it and add your favorite buffalo sauce!
  • Soup, Soup, Soup – At first, we were going to put a simple chicken noodle soup as a suggestion, but then we found out chicken enchilada soup is also keto-friendly. Chili? Yup! Just leave out the beans. As long as the ingredients in it are keto approved, the Instant Pot makes some serious soups!

Ketogenic Instant Pot Cooking | Final Thoughts

Obviously, these are just some of our favorite examples of keto-friendly foods you can make in the Instant Pot! We could spend hours here listing more and more. Honestly, the deeper we dug, the more recipes we found, so we cherry-picked our favorites. We hope you’ve gotten something out of our Ketogenic Instant Pot Cooking guide, but we have to go right now. Our buffalo chicken is nearly done!

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