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Yoga is a 5,000 year old practice with origins in India, created by a person called Patanjali (fun fact: it was actually Patanjali’s mom’s idea – she had prayed for a son to teach yoga to). This ancient practice has survived so long for a reason: it works. A dedicated yoga practice involves changing your mental attitude, practicing yoga asanas (poses), participating in special ways of breathing called pranayama, meditation, and, sometimes, following dietary restrictions and otherwise behaving in ways that are in line with yogic philosophy. In this article, we’ll talk about how Anti Aging With Yoga may be a possibility, given the kinds of behaviors people with a dedicated yoga practice engage in. So how is Anti Aging With Yoga possible?

Anti Aging With Yoga: Something New

Most people in the west practice yoga for the asanas and some of the mental benefits as well. You may already know about the health benefits you get from a dedicated yoga practice. Stress relief, gaining flexibility, the ability to transform your internal world by developing the external. But what about achieving Anti Aging With Yoga? Anti Aging With Yoga is possible for a couple reasons. New research suggests that the biomolecular effects of yoga may help reduce the effects of aging. This is in line with the beliefs found in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom.

Anti Aging With Yoga: More Ways Than One  

When it comes to Anti Aging With Yoga, feelings of eternal youth aren’t the only ways you may experience anti aging. In fact, Anti Aging With Yoga is possible not only internally, but also externally. We’re referring to your skin! Is yoga better than other anti aging strategies for your skin? It might be! This article discusses the biomolecular effects of yoga through yoga postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama). And these biomolecular effects may help reverse the aging process in some ways.  ­

How Does Anti Aging With Yoga Happen?

In the aforementioned article, it discusses how certain yoga postures (like twisting, binding, and backbends) may help promote the proper flow of “prana,” which in yoga refers to the quintessential life force that permeates everything. Modern science is investigating these ideas from Ayurveda and Yoga to determine how yoga may help delay aging, or at least promote more graceful aging by preserving youthful traits as long as possible.

Anti Aging With Yoga: The Bottom Line

More research needs to be done on yoga to determine how effective it is for stopping or reversing the aging process including the visible signs of aging. And it seems that the research is underway. This study in particular demonstrates how yoga can actually slow aging on the cellular level. The study was performed on people who practiced yoga 90 minutes, 5 days a week. It included asanas, pranayama, and meditation. This indicates that yoga postures and special breathing all contribute to slowing down biomarkers in cellular aging. All in all, yoga is very beneficial. It may very well help you achieve a younger look with a dedicated practice. With all the other benefits of yoga you have to gain, it may be time to grab a mat and develop your practice today!

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