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We’ve all heard about these “brain boosters,” “memory enhancers,” and “smart drugs” called nootropics. But what are they really and do they work? Actually, there are various kinds of nootropics, which is a catch-all term for compounds that are supposed to increase mental function, memory, and focus. Today we are looking at one of these called Intelligence RX. This is a new supplement meant to improve your concentration. One of the reasons that people are seeking out supplements like IntelligenceRx is because the prescription drugs present some problems. For example, many children and teens are prescribed stimulants to aid concentration, but they are expensive and have some health drawbacks.

Intelligence Rx is a new nootropic, or cognitive support pill, as it is advertised. It lists among its many benefits better focus, mental clarity, cognitive precision, and enhanced memory. These are probably hyped up benefit claims. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look in to this supplement further to see if there are any real benefits. If you struggle with “brain fog” or a lack of concentration, you know this can really disrupt your life. You can’t ace that test because your brain freezes up. You can’t impress your colleagues in that meeting because the quarterly sales numbers just disappeared from your memory! So can Intelligence Rx or any other nootropic help? Continue reading this article to find out. Or click this button to see the top-rated brain pill!

How Does Intelligence Rx Work?

This product name is a little misleading. It implies that it improves your intelligence. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about your intelligence. You can focus on learning, analyzing, critical thinking, and develop better mental skills. But you can’t change your fundamental intelligence. No magic pill can either. Intelligence Rx is really intended as a pill that will heighten your mental clarity and energy so you can focus on the task at hand. It sounds great to get the mental edge on your classmate or colleague, but we have to see if IntelligenceRx can improve things like memory or concentration. Unfortunately the website does not include ingredient information, which makes it hard to evaluate this product.

Intelligence Rx Ingredients

If anxiety is your problem, you can check out this article on CBD vaporizer oil. CBD is currently being researched for effects on anxiety. But you can read further on the findings, which are still new. We don’t know what ingredients are used in Intelligence Rx unfortunately. That would be helpful in evaluating this supplement for effectiveness. If you do look for brain pills, either here or elsewhere, you might be interested in ginkgo biloba. This study shows that ginkgo biloba works as an antioxidant and antiapoptotic to ward off mental deterioration. But we don’t know if Intelligence Rx includes this ingredient. Ginseng is another well-known ingredient used for memory performance, so you might also check labels for this intriguing “king herb.”

How To Order Intelligence Rx

We understand that in today’s society, it’s really hard to concentrate your mind. That’s because of all the distractions everywhere! But you can train your mind. Exercise, practice meditation, and diet correctly and you will see improvements. Also spend time away from screens and use brain games to heighten your focus and clarity! Like we said, there is no guarantee that Intelligence Rx can improve brain function. But you can still order online if you are interested! You can also click one of the buttons on this page to see the top-rated brain pill!

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