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Hold the phone. Hold onto your hat. And hold onto your self respect, because apparently you just dropped that too. Best Ab Workouts For Men? Have you learned nothing lately? Ab Workouts are ab workouts. There’s no gender difference when it comes to core exercises. You just exercise your core until abs pop out like prairie dogs. One thing to keep in mind for exercising your abs is that there is a chance that different workout plans will refer to the same exercises with different names. For instance, what might be referred to as “extreme crunches” from one outlet will be called “jackknifes” from another outlet. But, let’s get into this Best Ab Workouts For Men guide.

Best Ab Workouts For Men: What Works

First on the Best Ab Workouts For Men List, crunches: This is classic staple of core exercises. Famous for its ability to make you feel like you’re going through a special layer of hell while simultaneously making you feel like you’re not even really doing anything, crunches are a must do exercise.

Second on the Best Ab Workouts For Men List is Jack Knifes: Jack knifes are a great exercise because it fills you with a sense of accomplishment, which at times can be more rewarding that actually accomplishing anything. A Jack knife is basically a crunch only you pike your feet in the air and reach your hands up to touch your toes. It’s basically an advanced ‘crunch’ and it will work your entire core.

Third on the Best Ab Workouts For Men list is Core Pikes: These are valuable core exercise because you’ll feel like you’re doing a lot and you’ll also hate yourself and everything in the world. You’ll grip the side of a core pike machines and swing your legs upward. Isn’t it terrible? Good! That means that you’re doing it just the way it was intended.

Fourth on our Best Ab Workouts For Men list is Medicine Ball Crunches: You know how you hate crunches? Well, want to get more progress out of them? Use a medicine ball. This will increase overall resistance and allow you to accomplish a lot more.

Best Ab Workouts For Men: Final Thoughts

There are many ab workouts that both men and women can do, and all of them will leave you feeling drained and annoyed. But, we hope this Best Ab Workouts For Men guide is helpful. Because, this Best Ab Workouts For Men guide makes getting a six pack easy. We have more information on getting ripped abs quickly here. Just remember that abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen. Be sure to eat diet that doesn’t just consistent of corn dogs and whatever deep fried gas station food you can buy for two dollars. You don’t need to buy that organic health food that costs more than your car payment, but put down the donut and pick up the veggies. If you’re not willing to suffer a little bit to get those abs, you won’t get them. And then when you post a picture of yourself on the beach for your social media, your friends would not be impressed by the marshmallow torso that’s hanging over your swim trunks. All in all, we hope you enjoyed reading this Best Ab Workouts For Men guide. And, we hope it offered some help.

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