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It’s important to have science behind your fitness. Every day, there’s a new way to boost your workout game and give you an edge. However, that can make it harder to sort through which methods work, which don’t, and which are beneficial to your overall health. If you’re familiar with body building trends, you have likely heard about chrysin. It’s a popular ingredient in many testosterone boosters. Although it’s popularity may speak to its effectiveness, what does the science say?  Does Chrysin Work?

What Is Chrysin?

The chemical chrysin belongs to the flavonoid family. Naturally, it’s found in lots of different things. Mostly plant based, they include passionflower, silver linden, certain mushrooms, chamomile, and honeycombs. This ingredient is used in many natural supplements and testosterone gels. Most of these products claim it can help block estrogen. Therefore, it’s often used to enhance muscle building and treat erectile dysfunction.

How Does Chrysin Work?

Now, research on chrysin isn’t exactly concrete. However, there have been a couple studies that claim chrysin can block estrogen in male bodies. Therefore, supplements with this natural chemical claim it can boost lean muscle gain. So, how does it supposedly work? The claim of manufacturers that create chrysin supplements or products that include chrysin is that is can block the aromatase enzyme. Now, when this ezyme is blocked, it won’t convert testosterone into estrogen. Therefore, you would be able to reserve more male hormones than female hormones.  So, does Chrysin Work?

The Research Behind Chrysin

However, the research is a bit spotty. This ingredient has been studied a few times for its ability to reduce estrogen and boost testosterone. A 1984 study started the chrysin craze. This research originally suggested that in high doses, chrysin could block the aromatase enzyme. However, this research wasn’t done inside human bodies. Rather, it was conducted in petri dishes. In fact, the only studies that showed significant testosterone boosts were done in vitro. Therefore, no human trials have really been very successful in this regard.

So, if chrysin can block this enzyme in petri dishes, why can’t it do so in human trials? Well, the answer could lie in your body’s ability to absorb chrysin. These studies that supports the ability have used higher doses of chrysin. However, the amount of chrysin your body can absorb may be very small.

How To Use Chrysin

Chrysin is considered to be possibly safe for adult consumption up to 8 weeks. Therefore, if you decide you want to give it a go, you should speak to a doctor before you start. There are a couple precautions you should take into consideration before you make your decision. After all, body building should be about your health. Chrysin could increase bleeding and slow blood clotting. In addition, it may affect other medications you take. This simply means that you should consult a medical professional before you decide to take chrysin. The research on this ingredient isn’t conclusive. It’s important to manage the risks and benefits carefully to make sure it’s right for you.  So, does Chrysin Work?  It can, if used right.

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