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We’ve all heard of testosterone supplements, but have you heard of using Forskolin for Testosterone?  The Forskolin Testosterone connection is a weird one, but it seems to be gaining traction in some weight lifting circles.  The idea is this, when you take a forskolin supplement (yes, the same one they’re advertising as a weight loss supplement) it supposedly increases testosterone levels.  But saying that connection exists, and it existing are two different things.  In our article on the Forskolin Testosterone Connection, you’ll be treated to espionage, intrigue, car chases in what is being hailed as the #1 crime movie of the…sorry, wrong review.  You’ll be getting info on whether or not you should be adding Forskolin to your workout regime.  Let’s gooooooooo.

Forskolin Testosterone – Workout Benefits

So you want to increase your workout results, right?  When you go to the internet for information, you’re going to be flooded with information on how to boost testosterone.  Why?  Because boosting testosterone is tantamount to building muscle.  After all, it’s responsible for just about everything there is in the muscle building process.  It governs how much muscle you can put on, how fast, and how long you keep it.  So you want testosterone, but is the Forskolin Testosterone connection a real thing?

Forskolin Testosterone – Study Supported Testo Boosting

We’ve seen this issue covered at a few big names in the industry, and they all seem to point to one study to help show the case for Forskolin as a testo booster.  In that study done in 2005 by Godard MP, et al. , they found a strong correlation between using a forskolin extract, and the availability of testosterone in the bloodstream.  That amount isn’t negligible, either.  At a 34% increase, it’s substantial.

Best Forskolin Testosterone Supplements

So are there any Forskolin Testosterone Supplements that we can recommend?  There aren’t many that are specifically geared at men, but the generic ones will do just find.  Just be sure you’re finding one that has a 125mg to 250 mg dosage, as that appears to be the most effective.  The extract concentration can vary from supplement to supplement, so be sure you’re picking out the right one.  If you want a list of forskolin supplements that we’ve covered, we have a list here.  Be warned, most of these are marketed toward the female demographic, not that it will have any different effects.

Forskolin Testosterone Connection – Final Thoughts

So you’ve decided you’re going to take the plunge on a new forskolin supplement after reading our article, right?  Then you’ll be pleased to know that it can also help with weight loss.  If you’re a little soft around the edges, using Forskolin for Testosterone boosting can help you get reduce weight gain and possibly hunger.  Additionally, the product is a natural herb, which means it doesn’t have the chemicals typically associated with medical testosterone treatments.  Whatever you decide on, be sure you’re making an informed decision.  Take a minute to read all about Forskolin in our write up on this prevalent weight loss supplement ingredient.

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