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If you’ve been looking on our site to find information about male enhancements, you may have come across information about something called Nitric Oxide (NO). So you may be wondering How Nitric Oxide Works. It’s important to understand How Nitric Oxide Works in order to understand how it works to help support your manly performance with male enhancement supplements. So let’s get started with How Nitric Oxide Works!

How Nitric Oxide Works: What Is Nitric Oxide?

To understand How Nitric Oxide Works, you first have to understand what nitric oxide is. What is Nitric Oxide? Basically, nitric oxide (NO) is a colorless gas. Its formula is NO. And it is one principal oxide of nitrogen. Nitric Oxide is technically a free radical. Meaning it has an unpaired electron. In humans (and other mammals), NO is a signaling molecule. This means that it’s part of communication processes governing basic activities  between cells. For NO in humans, this means blood vessels using NO for signaling smooth muscle to relax leading to vasodilation and increasing blood flow. NO is a dynamic substance in chemistry and is notable for a variety of reasons. It was even awarded the title of “Molecule of the Year” back in 1992. And there are ingredients in male enhancement supplements that are meant to boost NO production for sexual performance support.

How Nitric Oxide Works: Male Enhancement Ingredients That Boost NO Production

If you want to understand How Nitric Oxide Works in male enhancement supplements, you want to know a thing or two about the ingredients that stimulate NO Production. Perhaps the most notable ingredient for NO production in male enhancers (and muscle boosters) is L-Arginine, an amino acid. It is an essential amino acid, meaning it needs to be supplied either by diet or supplementation (like in the male enhancement supplements on this site). L-Arginine biosynthesizes NO production endogenously. Another amino acid that supports nitric oxide production you may come across is L-Citrulline.

How Nitric Oxide Works: How NO Influences Your Performance In Bed And At The Gym

So now you know a little more about How Nitric Oxide Works in general. But how does it help you in the bedroom or at the gym? Basically the signaling of smooth muscle tissue to relax helps deliver more blood and oxygen to various parts of your body. For male enhancement, the desired area to influence is your penis. That is, supporting quality, lasting erections through increased blood flow. For exercise enhancing, the important function is getting more oxygen to your muscles in general for harder, longer performance and therefore greater results.

How Nitric Oxide Works: Are Nitric Oxide Boosters Something You Should Try?

Keep in mind that vasodilation isn’t good for everyone. And if you have health concerns with blood pressure, for instance, you should talk to a doctor before taking any supplement that contains nitric oxide boosting ingredients like L-Arginine. This may include either male enhancement supplements OR exercise performance enhancers / muscle building supplements. Both of theses kinds of supplements us nitric oxide boosting ingredients for supporting different functions. For male enhancers, the reason is to support quality erections. In exercise performance enhancement, it’s for increased blood flow for carrying more oxygen to muscles. But the benefits of increased nitric oxide may come with them negative side effects. Make sure you understand the risks for your personal health before you start with any supplement that contains nitric boosting ingredients.

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