Five Ways To Be Better In Bed

Guys, this one is for you.  Whether you’re in a long-term thing with your partner or you simply want to have good game on your next fling, you probably don’t want to embarrass yourself.  Especially, not between the sheets.  Your sexual prowess doesn’t have to be porn-esque in order to impress, either.  So, put down the dirty videos and follow our advice instead.  We’ve got the tips you need to learn how to be a better lay.  These are our Five Ways To Be Better In Bed.  We recommend you take notes.

Five Ways To Be Better In Bed #1: Exercise

Sex is exercise, right?  Well, to a certain degree.  Actually, men tend to burn about 4.2 calories per minute while having sex, while women tend to burn about 3.1 calories.  Of course, your total calories you burn depends on whether you’re hooking up for a quickie or doing a long haul.  But, men usually burn about 100 calories average.  So, why do you need to exercise (outside of the bedroom) to have better sex?  Well, since when has exercise ever been a bad thing?  The reason that this makes our Five Ways To Be Better In Bed list is because exercise does a lot for you.  Firstly, it helps you stay in shape.  And, that’s crucial for the stamina you need.  Plus, a guy with abs has some natural sex appeal!

Another reason exercise is one of the Five Ways To Be Better In Bed is because it may prevent too much estrogen in the body.  If you carry more fat, you may have a higher concentration of estrogen in your body, too.  And, for men, that can mean a smaller package and less libido.  So, hit the gym 20-30 minutes per day for a vigorous workout.  We think it will definitely be worth it!

Five Ways To Be Better In Bed #2: Do Your Research

A lot of men don’t know much about their own anatomy.  So, when it comes to knowing their partner’s anatomy – yeah, it can be a little bit like awkward guesswork.  Do everybody a favor and get in touch with your old biology book.  Learn more about what your physiology is like, and then learn more about hers.  There is no excuse for taking a woman to bed and not knowing where certain parts of her even are.  You’d be surprised how many dudes disregard this one of our Five Ways To Be Better In Bed.  But, if you’re smart, you’ll put in the time and effort to do things right!

Five Ways To Be Better In Bed #3: Pay Attention

Research doesn’t begin and end with a textbook!  Actually, every time you have sex should be like doing research.  Fun research.  Figure out what your partner likes and doesn’t like.  How do you do that?  By paying attention, of course.  This may be the most important of the Five Ways To Be Better In Bed.  Because, your partner is unique, and so are you.

Just don’t forget the second part!  Once you figure out what your partner likes, make sure you remember and try it again the next time.  Your partner will instantly figure out that you care about them, simply because you remembered what they like.  Here’s a top tip though: don’t make any particular move your go-to move.  Even the best positions and techniques can get tired if you always resort to the same exact thing.  Keep it fresh!

Five Ways To Be Better In Bed #4: Find the Mood

Did you know that your self-esteem plays into the overall success of the evening quite a bit?  Your mental state is a really important factor in a good romp.  Because, if you’re not feeling like you’re a rock star, you’re not going to perform like one.  But, sometimes getting your confidence in the right spot – and getting everybody involved in the mood – takes all day.  Especially, as you get older, and your natural libido starts to drop.  So, out of our Five Ways To Be Better In Bed, how can you take this one to the next level?

Look, we’re not advocates of dick pics, but…there is something to be said for consensual sexting.  Sometimes sending your partner some ideas of what you’re planning for the evening can help get you both in the right mindset.  Then, pick out an outfit for the night that makes you feel like a super sexy dude.  Your partner will love your killer confidence, and the way it makes you more of an animal in the sack.  Of course, if you’re going on a first date, we don’t necessarily recommend the sexting – but wearing what makes you feel sexy works on anybody.  That’s why this one made our Five Ways To Be Better In Bed list.

Five Ways To Be Better In Bed #5: Manscape

On to our last of the Five Ways To Be Better In Bed.  We know what you’re thinking.  What does it matter what the hair situation is?  Well, there are a few reasons this made our list of Five Ways To Be Better In Bed.  Firstly, did you know that manscaping can help it look like you have a bigger package?  We’re serious.  Think about it: if you’re hidden by a lot of hair, how can anybody even see what size you are?  So, once you trim (or shave), you’ll look bigger in comparison.  Secondly, manscaping can help your confidence.  And, we all know how important confidence is when it comes to sexual performance.  (If you don’t remember, go back to the previous tip.)  Not sure how to complete this one of our Five Ways To Be Better In Bed?  Believe you us, there are professionals out there who can help you get the perfect cut.

So, are you ready to blow your partner’s mind?  Obviously, some of these tips are for immediate completion, and some are more long-term, slow-and-steady-wins-the-race types.  But, we highly recommend you SOME of them a shot.  What do you have to lose?  Thank you for reading our Five Ways To Be Better In Bed.  Check out our other articles of interest!

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