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Man Up Pills may have started as a joke, but lately it seems like there are companies that are actually going out and trying to sell them as male enhancement pills. But why would they do that? Today, in our Man Up Pills review, we’ll be looking at the origin of these comedy-born pills, and why they got made into a real, male enhancement product. Let’s get started with their origin.

Where Did Man Up Pills Come From?

Man Up Pills ReviewAs far as we know, Man Up Pills started as a gag gift. The early iterations were clearly cleverly-labeled sugar pills with labels like:

  • “Ideal for man flu. One tablet to be taken when acting like a nancy. Caution: Whole bottle may be inserted where the sun doesn’t shine by your long suffering girlfriend!”


  • “The No. 1 remedy for Man Flu and other made up illnesses. One tablet to be taken with every little sniffle.”

It even looks like these gag gifts are customizable.

But that’s where things get weird. These obviously gag gift products spawned a trend, which companies tried to make money on. By our count, we’re seeing SIX different products operating under the same pill name. Let’s take a look at some of these;

Man Up Pills Review | Exhibit A

Here’s the first of six different Man Up pills we’ve encountered.

Called ManUP! XXL, it’s labeled as an “extra strength male enhancement and testosterone support formula.”

We weren’t able to find much in the way of info on this one in terms of ingredients, or if it’s even available for sale, but it appears to be unconnected with the other pills on our list.

Man Up Pills Review | Exhibit B

In looking for Man UP Pills, we ran into this one quite a bit. It was by far the most professional looking option (we saw the same brand on a bottle label, more on that one after this). These Man UP Pills are billed as the “Ultimate Performance Enhancer For Men”. The site listed,, is no longer active.


Man Up Pills Review | Exhibit B.1

This product seemingly shares the same branding as the above product. While we weren’t able to track anything down on this one, it seems to be connected. The full size bottle is no longer available to buy anywhere online.



Man Up Pills Review | Exhibit C

This Man-Up supplement is almost the same as the supplements we’ve been talking about above. It doesn’t appear to be affiliated with any of the other Man Up Pills we’ve been reviewing. This particular supplement comes in a 7 day supply, whereas others have ranged between 2 days and 30 days. We were able to find this one on amazon, where it has a whopping two reviews and sits at 4/5 stars. The seller “Revitalize yourself” carries a variety of herbal supplements that range from Garcinia to thyroid remedies.


Man Up Pills Review| Exhibit D

These Man Up Penis Enhancement Pills are the worst looking ones we found. They look like they’re made in the UK, judging by the capsule case. It’s essentially a horny goat weed supplement, nothing more. They’re made by “Sapphire & Co.” and are available on amazon for $28.99. Not that we’d run out and buy them. They have a 1/5 star rating from two reviews.



Man Up Pills Review | Exhibit E

You know, this is a pretty boring article to write. These Man Up Impotence Pills are made by Health Nature Life. They include 60 capsules per bottle, and are billed as a way to get bigger erections, better orgasms, higher testosterone, better virility, circulation and sex drive. We have our doubts about this one. We found it feature don AliExpress, where it has a 3/5 star rating. It’s listed at $39.71.



Man Up Pills Review | Final Thoughts

Honestly, after looking at all these pills, we think they would have been better off staying as gag gifts. They’re certainly not popular any more. And, because the market got flooded with all these male enhancement pills banking on the gag gift name, the trend for them is dissipated.

If you’re thinking about buying any of the pills featured on this review, we would recommend holding off. If you want to try something for your male enhancement needs, try exercise. Speaking of working out, be sure to check out our recommended workout products by clicking the button up top, or the images on the sidebar if you’re on desktop, or below if you’re on mobile.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you back here soon at Best New Supplements 

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