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Although erectile dysfunction is not uncommon, especially as men age, it’s not something any man wants to deal with. Erectile dysfunction can kill confidence and keep you from having an enjoyable relationship with your partner. In short, erectile dysfunction is when men have problems with getting, or maintaining a firm erection to achieve sexual penetration. If you or your partner suffers from erectile dysfunction, continue reading this article. We will go over popular treatments for erectile dysfunction that have helped thousands of patients recover for a happier and healthier sex life.

Popular Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

These popular treatments for erectile dysfunction range from supplements to vacuum pumps. If you are unsure whether or not sexual activity is safe for you, talk to a doctor before seeking treatment on your own.

  • L-Arginine Supplements – Supplements are becoming an increasingly popular way to naturally treat erectile dysfunction. L-Arginine is an amino acid that helps produce nitric oxide (NO). NO helps to increase blood flow to the body. Increasing blood flow helps erectile dysfunction by opening up the veins in the groin which allows for faster and harder erections. NO is essential for supporting a healthy and successful sex life. Researchers have found that taking L-Arginine greatly improves sexual function by not only improving erections, but also by increasing libido and sensitivity. When looking for L-Arginine, make sure you are choosing one made from natural ingredients.
  • Acupuncture – Although acupuncture is an uncommon method for treating erectile dysfunction, it has proven to be successful. There are studies that have shown the benefits acupuncture has for treating erectile dysfunction. The needles help to stimulate the nerves around the penile region to help improve blood flow and excite the nerves. Another great part about using acupuncture as a method is that there are no negative side effects. Keep in mind that results may not be seen immediately. It can take anywhere between 1-3 treatments of acupuncture for results to be seen.
  • Pumps – If you do not wish to take medications, penis pumps have proven to be effective for some patients. A penis pump is a vacuum-like device that typically consists of a hollow tube that is battery powered. The tube is placed over the penis and a pump is used to reduce the air from pumps creating a vacuum inside of the tube that helps to pull blood into the groin. This maximizes erection size and supports a healthy blood flow which helps to keep erections hard. Although this is not a cure, it typically lasts long enough for you and your partner to enjoy one round of intercourse.
  • Penile Implants – If medications and other remedies don’t seem to work, some people are qualified for penile implant treatments. This involves surgically placing a rod like device into the penis that allows you to control when to inflate an erection and how long you want the erection for. The rods are flexible in order to move with your body. Although this method is not common and not typically recommended, it is an option for those looking for additional help. Talk to your doctor to see if implants are the right choice.

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