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What Are Normal Testosterone Levels?

We all have it, but we all have it in different amounts.  No, it’s not money, it’s testosterone.  The body’s muscle building currency.  But as we age, that special hormone can go the way of the dodo.  But the first step in solving a problem is identifying it.  There are a variety of ways for you to identify if you have normal testosterone levels, and if you have them.  Let’s get started on our article What Are Normal Testosterone Levels.

What Are Normal Testosterone Levels for Men?

There is an abundance of information about testosterone levels out there, but what are normal testosterone levels for men?  That depends on age.  According to this information from the Mayo Clinic, Testosterone levels vary by age, increasing through the age of 18, then settling as we get past 20.  When we hit 30, those levels start to decline by about 1%

Here are the normal T Counts by Age

17-18 years of age – 300-1200

19 Years + — 240-950

Average Adult Male – 270-1070

Again, these are the average testosterone measurements.

What Are Normal Testosterone Levels for Women?

Women experience far less testosterone than men, which makes sense.  After all, men have an entire sex organ dedicated to making that hormone.  While most women will come in at around 40 ng/dl, some women will come in at upward of 70 ng/dl.  The average Adult Female has testosterone levels from 15-60 ng/dl.

What Do I Do If I Have Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone is a big issue for men, and can have a ton of adverse side effects.  But let’s clear this up a little.  The natural aging process included a drop in Testosterone.  Most people don’t need to boost testosterone unless they’re below average.  Those with low levels of testosterone can experience lessened sexual appetite/libido, fewer random erections, ED, and even infertility.  There are other physical symptoms that can appear as well, which can range from changes in sleeping habits, or even a lack of self-confidence and motivation.  If you think you might have low testosterone levels, check in with your doctor.  It’s a thing that can be easily treated and diagnosed.  In addition, getting your t-levels checked can be something doctors use as an indicator of cancer.

What Happens If I Have High Testosterone?

We’ve been doing some reading, and one of the scarier things we’ve seen has been that men with above average levels of testosterone later in life can be more susceptible to cancer of the prostate.  That said, we have seen conflicting information on that fact.  There seems to be a shaky correlation, at best.  Strangely enough, some of the symptoms of high testosterone you’ll see are akin to what you get during puberty.  That can mean acne, oily skin, swelling of the prostate, and even decreased testicle size.  If you think you have high testosterone, it’s important to talk to your doctor.  That said, most men shouldn’t have an issue unless they’re getting direct testosterone injections.

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