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What Is Tribulus Terrestris?

Tribulus Terrestris is a flowering plant that originates from the Mediterranean. The herb flourishes in dry climates and is an invasive species in North America. This herb is used for many different health related reasons. The root of the plant is what contains the active ingredients used for various remedies and treatments. Studies have claimed this plant to be a herbal nutritional supplement when taken correctly.

Tribulus Terrestris And Male Libido

Tribulus Terrestris is commonly known for its male health properties. The root of the fruit is extracted and used for male virility in terms of improving libido and overall male health. Scientific studies have shown that the Tribulus Terrestris plant is a reliable libido enhancer. It helps to increase sexual energy, sensitivity and even erectile function. The plant also helps to regulate levels of testosterone in men. This helps with maintaining balanced hormones for a better sex drive and overall experience. While not all the effects of this plant are known, scientists have found that the plant enhances a receptor in the brain that releases serotonin to help improve sexual libido in males.

Tribulus Terrestris & Fitness Performance

Tribulus Terrestris is not just used for helping sex drive. In fact, some people have found that the plant helps with enhancing fitness performance in terms of body building and increasing muscle mass. The plant also helps with heart and circulatory conditions which may be why users have found it helpful as a pre-workout aid. So, does it really work? Although you shouldn’t expect massive muscles overnight, there are some proven benefits to taking Tribulus Terrestris for a fitness aid. Some consumers notice leaner and stronger muscles when taken for at least 28 days. It is important to keep in mind that not everyone will see results.

How To Take Tribulus Terrestris

There are several ways to digest the active ingredients within the Tribulus Terrestris plant. One way is to just eat the plant whole. Although this is not advised due to the spikes on the plant. Another way is to take the ingredient in capsule form. You can purchase capsules in most health and wellness stores. Dosages rely on body mass index and vary from person to person. The average dosage is between 85 and 250mg. Talk to a specialist if you are looking into taking the plant in capsule form.

Risks From Taking Tribulus Terrestris

Most consumers who take Tribulus Terrestris for a short time have positive results. Because the plant is natural and the extracts come from a natural source, side effects are little to none. However, those who are pregnant, breast feeding or have serious health conditions should not use. Some common side effects can include trouble sleeping, irregular menstrual cycles for women, fatigue and prostate problems. There are no known negative side effects when taking Tribulus Terrestris with other medications. If you are unsure if you’re healthy enough to take Tribulus Terrestris, talk to a doctor before consuming. Always take the recommended dosage.

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