Muscle Supplement Reviews

Best New Supplements covers just about everything  in supplements today.  From pills, to powders, to topical creams and serums, we’ve got something for everybody.  But we feel like we’re better at some things over others.  Obviously all our writers have different talents, and those talents can range from genre to genre.  But our writers that cover muscle supplements are ON POINT.  We’re talking Maverick level good here.  Unpredictable, brilliant; whatever it is, they’ve got it.  But even if they do make it look easy, it’s far from it.  In fact, writing good, clever muscle supplement reviews is very tough.  In the end it’s determining how they differ, even slightly, that can make our reviews interesting.

So what makes our muscle supplement reviews unique?  We like to think that it’s something we do in terms of standardization.  In all of our reviews, we apply our values as a company to the content we’re writing.  If we’re going to rate a muscle supplement highly, we also need it to embrace those values.  That starts with Honesty.

Muscle Supplement Reviews – Honesty

Honesty is important in all walks of life, but in supplements, it can mean the difference between making people happy and healthy, and sick and sad.  That’s something we take seriously. For people looking for the right muscle supplement, they want to see honest information.  But with so much misinformation, or frankly political sounding reviews where they say a lot, but don’t say anything, it can be hard to find a decent source of information.  With every review we write, you can be sure we keep this idea in the back of our heads.  But saying, and doing are two different things.  That’s why we ask that if readers suspect our writers of being dishonest, or insincere about a product or review, to contact us immediately.

Muscle Supplement Reviews – Integrity

The writers here at Best New Supplements are part time writers.  Most have other jobs, and they write to fuel their passion for writing.  But if there’s one thing that all the writers and developers of this site have in common (besides talent) it’s integrity.  We’re not going to recommend a product we don’t like, and we’ll only recommend products we like.  It’s that simple.  We’re not going to do paid reviews.  But we do participate in affiliate marketing.  So what does that mean in terms of our integrity?  Basically that we’re going to be as impartial as possible.  If that means not recommending a product that we’re linking to, so be it.

Muscle Supplement Reviews – Efficacy

We’re not doctors, and we don’t claim to be.  So that means we’re adept at researching online.  Better, we have the staff available to do the leg work.  Our writers do their part in researching ingredients and products online before they even start writing their reviews.  That means before we review a product, or even see it, we have a good idea of if it’s going to be an effective one, or not.  But we also do consider other things when it comes to efficacy.  It could be the form of the supplement; like powder, pill or other.

Muscle Supplement Reviews – Ingredients

New Muscle Supplement ReviewsGoing into the supplement store, or picking a supplement out online is like picking out fireworks as a kid.  The packaging is what gets all your attention.  But for the nerds out there, reading the ingredients used in those fireworks would be a bigger selling point.  Same goes for Muscle Supplements.  We want to know what’s kicking around inside that little pill, or stirring around in that powder.  If we don’t know what it’s using, we’re not going to use it.  It’s really as simple as that.  If you want to go ahead and use muscle supplements that don’t advertise their ingredients, then you’re a special kind of special, no offense.

All that said, a lot of the ingredients we see in muscle building supplements are ones we’ve seen before.  That’s especially the case with muscle building supplements that are using natural ingredients.  On our website,, we’ll have a series of articles on these ingredients; which we’ve condensed into easily digestible pieces below.  If you want more info, click the links to expand your  knowledge.

Amino Acids – We could honestly write a whole section on each of the amino acids we  see in muscle building supplements.  But you probably wouldn’t want to read that.  They range in usefulness, and in the way they’re used, but they all have one thing in common, they’re crucial to muscle building.  If you want to learn all the in’s and out’s of amino acids, from Arginine to Tyrosine, this is the place to get your info.  Read our article on Amino Acids found in Muscle Supplements, here.

Herbal Ingredients – Alright, this one is pretty vague.  But herbal ingredients in this case are referring specifically to medicinal or therapeutic herbs found in natural muscle supplements.  They’re not flashy, they have weird names, and they range in effectiveness.  There’s no question they’re popular, but there is some question as to whether they’re worth your time or money.  In our series of articles on herbal ingredients found in muscle supplements, we’ll take you through the gambit.  From Horny Goat Weed, to Tongkat Ali, we’ll cover them all.

Natural Ingredients – We’ve all see ingredients like these listed on product labels.  But what does “natural ingredient” even mean.  We’ve see it all here, from orchic substance (it’s cow testicle) to other more savory ingredients, Natural ingredients in muscle supplements can be hard to stomach.  (We’ve seen that one too, oddly enough.)

Muscle Supplement Reviews – Keeping It Fresh

When we look at supplement reviews, we always look for the up-and-coming supplements to review. There are plenty of people out there to review the big name supplements, and they already have their established readers.  We respect that.  That’s their game, this is ours. If you’re ready to check out our game, check the list below for the latest in our muscle supplement review category.  You’ll find everything from the latest supplements, to lifestyle guides, and other informational (read; entertainment) articles.  If you want more where this came from, check out our muscle building archives.

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Muscle Supplement Reviews – What Not To Expect

We do a lot of things here at Best New Supplements, but like that meat-named singer once said, “we won’t do that.”  So what’s that?  We’re not going to sell your info, we’re not going to blast you with pop-ups and crazy advertisements.  We’re not going to do a lot of that stuff.  What we’re going to do, instead, is provide an experience that you’ll enjoy and feel good about.  Let’s look at some of the things we’re not liking;

Crazy Advertisements – We’ve all seen them, and we all hate them; pop-ups.  Whoever created them has a special place in e-hell.  But what can you do?  The biggest thing we can do as website creators is keep them off our site.  We do have advertisements, sure, but they’re non-intrusive, and easily ignored if they’re just there for the content.  If you do decide to click on one of our ads, be warned.  We’re not responsible for what happens once you go off site.

Hellacious Reviews – This isn’t Hell’s Supplements the tv show, where we shout at supplements until they start crying.  We just write reviews for god’s sake.  We don’t have any  qualms about bad-mouthing products if needed.  But if you’re here to pick up your pitchfork (website shoutout), then you’re at the wrong site.  We’re pretty cool about our reviews, and we want that to be understood going into it.  If you want to get heated, go elsewhere.

Sign Up For Our FREE E Book – Yuck.  We hate that.  Who actually reads these little digital novellas anyway.  If we wanted to read an e-book, we certainly wouldn’t be picking it up off a site like this.  We’re not doing that here.  Not now, not ever.  Other things you won’t see; sign-ups for newsletters, email lists, e-zines, shopping clubs, save 10% by switching to X company…the list goes on.

Best Muscle Supplement ReviewsMuscle Supplement Reviews – Supplement Types

We review a lot of supplements here, obviously.  I mean, it’s kind of in the name of the site.  But we do tend to focus on a few supplement types more than others.  It’s not that we won’t be looking at the more novel supplement types, just that there are more of a certain kind on the market at a given time.  Regardless, we’ll be writing up fresh articles on the various supplement types; from pills, to powders, to sublingual drops.  Let’s look at a few of the supplement types we’ll see in our muscle supplement reviews.

Pills – Nothing is easier than popping a pill before you work out.  It’s far and away the easiest option.  That ease of use, and the portability of the form itself, shows in the popularity of pill-based muscle supplements.  Pills do a lot of things well, too.  They absorb quickly into the bloodstream, when taken correctly.  They’re portable, as we said.  They don’t take up much space, and they run the gambit of functions.  The only thing that pills struggle with is a lack of space.  They can only pack so much into a compact pill form.

Powders – We’ve all seen the various powders that pack the shelves at supplement stores.  They’re usually proteins, but you can find powdered forms of all kinds of things.  From straight BCAA supplements, to powdered bone broth, to superfood blends, there are all kinds of powdered supplements out there.

Liquid – While liquid supplements don’t take up nearly the share of the marketplace that pills and powders do, they do exist.  Everything from pre-workout drinks, to post-workout protein smoothies, or even sublingual drops is in this category.  While we don’t cover as many liquid supplements as we should in our muscle supplement reviews, we do cover a few here and there.

Other – Some muscle supplements don’t neatly fit into any of the above categories, and they’re what we’ve deemed the other.  Here you’ll find the oddities of the supplement world.  From chewing gums that quench thirst, to odd mouth muscle workout balls (yes, they’re a thing).  There are a ton of weird products out there, trust us.

Muscle Supplement Reviews – What We Look At

  1. Ingredients – Our most highly-rated muscle supplement reviews have one thing in common, they use great ingredients.  It’s a diverse cast, for sure.  But the muscle supplement reviews we write are about products that use proven, clinically efficient ingredients.  The first thing we determine is if the ingredients present are natural, or not.  We look at their benefits, side effects, and presence in studies.  If we like what we see, we rate it highly.  If we don’t, we rate it poorly.  It’s an important category to rate, but only one of the eight criteria we look at.
  2. Can We Buy It? – What good is a supplement if you can’t buy it?  While we do occasionally review and upcoming product that hasn’t yet been released, we tend to stick to products that are available to buy right now.  When we review a given muscle supplement, we’ll look at whether or not they have stock in right now, and how much they have available.  We’ll also consider if they’ll be able to sustain that amount if it’s a smaller company.
  3. Buying Options – We like options.  There’s no shame in that.  But why we like it might be different from why you like it.  We realize that a lot of people don’t want strings, and that somebody just want to try something quick to see if they like it.  That’s why when we look at a product, we assess all the buying options available.  If there’s not more than one way to get it, then we’ll note that as well.
  4. Other Reviews For The Product – We all look at reviews before we buy these days.  I mean, if you’re here reading this, then you’ll attest to that.  You probably came here looking for a review of a product you were interested in.  But we’re not some final authority on muscle supplements.  We’re just another review site.  But something that we do that’s pretty unique when we review muscle supplements is look at reviews from other companies.  We’re not talking stealing their content, rather we’re getting a feel for other opinions, which we then use to reconsider our own.
  5. Marketing Material – How a product gets marketed can make a big difference in how it gets perceived by the public.  If something gets advertised as effective and fast-acting, people expect it to be effective and fast-acting.  But it’s not just what’s getting said, it’s what’s being shown, too.  If a product looks like crap, it’s unlikely to do well.  It’s the fireworks principle. When we go to buy fireworks, we buy the things that look the coolest.  It’s all about catching the eye of the consumer.  But for people who review products professionally like we do, that attention to marketing material can be a clue as to how good the company and product is going to be.  Marketing budgets indicate that a company is putting in a lot of effort, and money on a product.  They’re invested in its success, or at least are apparently invested.
  6. Price – When it comes to supplements, price is probably the most important factor in whether or not people are going to buy it.  If a muscle booster costs $30 a pill, we’re probably not going to buy it.  That’s regardless of if it’s going to get great results or not.  But if it’s priced too cheaply, then we probably know it’s low-quality, or ineffective.
  7. Company History – You’re not going to buy stock in Enron, at least if you know the history of Enron.  It might be a bad example, but company history goes a long way in predicting future success of that company.  So it follows that we take the history of the company into account when we review its products.
  8. Personal Opinion –  Intuition, gut feeling, hunch; call it what you will, we take it into account when we write our reviews.  It might not be the most quantifiable metric, (or the most professional one) but it’s something that we’ll always consider when writing our reviews here at

Muscle Supplement Reviews – Final Thoughts

We know it’s a lot to take in.  And if you’re still reading this, you’re probably doubting our sanity.  We know, we know, our process is a long, meandering mess.  But we like it, and we find it not only effective in judging the merits of particular supplements, but also highly readable (wink wink).  But this is just the start of our foray into muscle supplement reviews.  If you want to dive to our reviews, we have an updated list of them on the sidebar.  Or, if you want to check out some of our other categories, you can do that too. We have reviews in weight loss, beauty, and even natural health products like cbd oil.  Basically if you take it in supplement form, we’ll have reviewed it in some way or another.

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