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Alright guys, it’s time to get down to business. Wait, the willy isn’t working again?  Damnit! We hate when that happens.  But before you go calling up the old doctor, maybe there’s something a bit more natural you can try first. First step, read our Natural Male Enhancement Reviews.  We write a ton of these things, and those reviews let you know whether they’re worth your time and money. It might sound like an easy job, but you know what happens when you assume things.  A lot goes into our male enhancement product reviews, and we’re here to tell you all about it.  Don’t feel like reading our giant, mega male enhancement article here?  Try out something a little smaller by clicking one of our recent reviews below.  Otherwise, buckle up cowboy, we’ve got a lot of info to cover.

Recent Natural Male Enhancement Reviews

We all ready reviews.  Whenever there’s a product we’re looking at buying, the first thing we do is fire up the old google.  But that process is getting harder and harder (we really can’t help these puns, sorry).  So what do you do when you google a product and find a bunch of “reviews” instead of, you know, actual reviews?  Look for sites with things like this page, where they detail out all of the info that goes into making their reviews.  We’ve compiled a list of our criteria we use for judging the male enhancement products that we review.  They range from common sense stuff, like; does it work, to more complex questions, like; how is it working?  Stick with us, we’ll show you the ropes.

Natural Male Enhancement Reviews – Relevance

When we set out to write our reviews, one of the first things we consider is…is this product relevant?  A lot products we see aren’t relevant.  That’s why we only want to review products that are either trending, about to become trendy, or the class of the industry.  We do steer clear of reviewing products made by big supplement companies, because there’s enough sites out there already covering them.   Speaking of relevant reviews, we regularly publish them at the  Best New Supplements muscle building hub .  You can check them out there, or right below.

The Latest Natural Male Enhancement Reviews

Natural Male Enhancement Reviews – Efficacy

Does the supplement work?  It’s the first question that everybody asks when they’re shopping for a supplement.  But the answer can sometimes be more complicated than just a yes or no answer.  That’s because everybody is different, and because male performance issues can be caused by a variety of issues.  A lot of Natural Male Enhancement supplements try to do a blanket treatment, meaning a lot of them will work for a lot of people.  But because they’re not focused on one area, sometimes they don’t work as well as a more targeted supplement can.  But those more targeted supplements also have the pitfall of not being effective for as many people.  So what can you do?  In our world, the answer is “try and cover the product as best as possible, and give an answer that reflects our real opinion.”  All that said, we won’t shy away from saying a product doesn’t work, if it doesn’t.

Natural Male Enhancement Reviews – Ingredients

When you cover Natural Male Enhancement Supplements for a living, you see a lot of things (yep), but the ingredients you see tend to revolve around a familiar cast of characters.  While there is the occasional new ingredient getting tossed in the mix, the industry tends to stick with what works, or at least what’s popular. That’s why this site is a great resource for savvy shoppers.  We dive into these ingredients and discuss them at length.  For a full overview, you can check out our article on Popular Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction.  Let’s look at a few common ingredients;

  • Tribulus Terrestris – If you’ve used a male enhancement supplement in the last 10 years, or even an herbal performance supplement, chances are you’ve used Tribulus Terrestris.  This ingredient is renowned for several reasons, but the biggest one we tend to look at is its effect on overall fitness performance.  It might seem counter intuitive, after all, you want the performance going to a more south-central location.  But Tribulus does work for male enhancement by increasing testosterone production.
  • Tongkat Ali – This age-old, natural aphrodisiac is extremely popular in modern male enhancement supplements.  It’s consistently picked for its aphrodisiac properties.  But beyond that, it’s also an anti-estrogenic, meaning it limits the amount of estrogen made.  This can be beneficial for men who produce an excess of estrogen when their testosterone drops.  It’s widely advertised as a testosterone booster, but there aren’t any studies that back up that claim quite yet.
  • Maca – Maca root is a popular choice for natural remedies because it’s thought to provide a boost in energy and mood.  But on the more practical side, it has a lot of antioxidants and micro-nutrients.  Those antioxidants can help to combat free radicals.  It’s widely used as a caffeine alternative, because it gives the same feeling, without the jitters that commonly accompany caffeine use.
  • Muira Puama – This commonly used aphrodisiac has found a stable home in natural male enhancement supplements and natural cognitive enhancing supplements. According to one study cited by, “an older study of 262 men notes improvements in self-reported libido in 62% of men and improved erectile function in 51% of persons…”.  While there’s not significant scientific research going on by the looks of it.
  • Orchic Extract – Anybody who has an easily upset stomach, look away.  Orchic substance or extract is made from cattle testicles.  There’s no evidence it works, but it’s been used as a natural aphrodisiac for centuries in a variety of cultures.  We think it’s kind of gross, for what it’s worth.

Natural Male Enhancement Reviews – Price

What good is a male enhancement product that works, if you can’t afford it?  That’s a big concern for a lot of us that don’t have golden toilets and towers named after us.  When we review products, we evaluate the cost to the user.  Is the price fair; is the price competitive; is it going to bankrupt a Sheikh if they use it for too long?  These are all questions that we look at when we’re doing our Natural Male Enhancement Reviews.  A lot of the products we come across are also going to use a unique pricing model called a “trial”.  It’s not our favorite thing in the world, but most of our affiliate sponsors use this method.  As long as you read the details when ordering, they can be a good resource for people who want to try new things. Let’s break the average trial down, quick;

Natural Male Enhancement Supplement Trials

The most common theme with Natural Male Enhancement Trials is that they’re short.  For something that’s supposed to make you longer, you know, they should have though about this more.  The trials typically last under a month, and start when you order the product.  That also means that most of these trials are region-specific.  For instance, if a product is made or shipped out of the United States, then chances are it will only be available in the U.S. This might be for a few different reasons, but the most apparent one is that it limits the amount of time the product spends in transit.  Because the trial starts when you order, that transit time can mean the difference between trying a product for a few days, or for 10 days.

The Price For Male Enhancement Trials

The price for Male Enhancement Trials starts out low, but when you complete a trial, that price jumps up the normal cost of a bottle.  In most cases, a bottle of 30-60 pills costs around $80.  But that can go up or down depending on the company.  The initial price is usually a shipping and handling charge, which ranges anywhere from $5-10.  This price gets the bottle shipped to you, and essentially holds your spot in the trial program.

When it comes to the end of the trial, you need to be careful.  As soon as the trial ends, they’ll bill you for that first bottle, and they’ll mark the calendar for your next shipment, at which time they’ll bill you again.  This obviously varies from company to company, but it’s a big reason why people feel “cheated” by these trials.  Be sure you’re reading the trial details so you know what you’re getting into.

The last thing we wanted to bring up is that when you cancel your trial, different companies have different stipulations.  The big one for us is the way they want you to handle the product.  Some let you keep that trial bottle, some want you to send it back, and some will even charge a restocking fee.  These are all details you need to be paying attention for when you order.

All of that said, trials can still be a good thing for people.  They’re low cost up front, and for people curious about a product, it’s a great way to try it first at home.

Natural Male Enhancement Reviews – How We Pick Products

This is something that gets glossed over in a lot of review sites.  How are the big review sites picking products?  For most of them, they’re reviewing anything that even hints that it might be popular.  They want to capitalize on readers that want to get in early on the latest trendy product.  In a lot of ways, we’re the same way.  We look for trending products, or products we expect to be trending soon, and review them before other companies have even heard of them.  That said, we’re never going to positively review a product just because we’re getting commission from them on sales.  It’s all about trending products, and writing reviews about them.  But, if you want a specific product reviewed, reach out.  We’re usually happy to oblige.

Natural Male Enhancement Reviews – User Reviews

We understand that people want to see user reviews when they’re researching products, but that’s not always going to be possible.  Because of the products we review, a lot of the ones we see are so new that we won’t see product reviews for them.

Natural Male Enhancement Reviews – Final Rating

All of these criteria get culled together into one, final rating.  But there are things outside these defined criteria that go into our rating.  The biggest part of that rating being that we’re not going to rate a product highly that we don’t like, regardless of if it excels in certain area, or if it’s widely accepted by most people. Sometimes we’re not going to agree with majority, but that’s a good thing. Let’s look at our rating ranges, and discuss which kind of products fall where.

  • 1-3 Stars – These products are failures.  They might have glimmers of hope, but for the most part, they’re not worth trying (in our eyes).
  • 3-5 Stars – Sometimes these products will do enough to get a good rating, but there are enough problems that we can’t recommend them without some strong caveats.  If you grab one of these products, beware.
  • 5-7 Stars – These are good products, and most of the products we review will fall into this category.  But there are some downfalls present.  If you order a product from this range, you should be happy given it fits your needs.
  • 7-10 Stars – Here they are, the all stars.  If we rate a product in this range, then you’re looking at something special.  We’re kind of tough graders, so handing out a 7 is like handing out a B on a really tough test.  It’s a good grade, considering.  The 10’s are rare.  We rarely give them out, and when we do, it’s to a product that we think is going to be the next big thing.  It hits all of our criteria, and does it in a way that makes us want to buy stock in the company, then it’s getting a 10.

Natural Male Enhancement Reviews – How We Make Money

This is something we cover fully in our affiliate disclaimer, but we want to cover all the bases here (so you can round them at home).  At Best New Supplements, we work under a method called “affiliate marketing”. If you’ve ever heard of a process in which you could get money if somebody signs up for something, then you’ve already heard of affiliate marketing.  The process goes like this; a reader at the site clicks on one of the advertisements, or links on the site, and they’re taken to a sales page for a given product.  If the person buys the product, or signs up for a trial, we get a commission.  Beyond that, we’re not affiliated with the company.  We don’t keep records on how to contact that company, and we don’t do any form of communication regarding product returns, or any form of customer service.  If we get complaints about a company that you found via our site, then we’ll take that into consideration.

Natural Male Enhancement Reviews – What We Don’t Do

While a lot of people don’t like the affiliate marketing approach, there are far worse things out there that we could be doing to keep our website afloat.  Here are a few things we avoid like the plague;

  1. Sign Up For Our Email List –as much as our boss would love it if we had an email list she could send cat pictures to, we’re not going to do it, Carol.  Email lists are annoying, and they can turn your useful email address into a minefield of ads delivered straight to the dome.  If you like signing up for email lists, look elsewhere!  If you don’t, then you’re home now.  Welcome.
  2. Intrusive Ads – Have you ever visited an unknown site, only to see “congratulations, you’ve just won a $1000000000000 lottery ticket from the president” and you can’t click out of it, and you have to shut down your browser?  Yeah, we hate that.  Screw those guys.  We’re not doing that here, ever.  The only ads you’ll see on site are our affiliate links.
  3. Ebooks – Have you ever read a marketing E-Book?  Like one that tells you the “10 Best Kept Secrets to a Larger Manhood”?  They’re garbage, don’t read them.  We’re not going to further pollute the ebook pool with any of our nonsense, either.
  4. Selling Data – We don’t sell your data, because we don’t keep any of it.  The biggest thing we look at when people visit the site is where they visited, and what they clicked on.  That usage data helps us to give people what they want, and in ways that are accessible to them.

Natural Male Enhancement Reviews – Final Thoughts

We’ve covered a lot of stuff here.  A lot.  Like enough stuff that you guys are probably asleep and not even reading this.  But if you are, bless your heart, you’ve done it.  You’ve made it to the end, and you’ve learned all about our reviews and how we make them.  If you have any questions about how we write our natural male enhancement reviews, feel free to message us.  We’re more than happy to talk. Thanks for reading, and happy supplement hunting!

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