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What defines a supplement?  For a lot of us, when we think of a supplement, we think of things we eat.  After all, they’re meant to “supplement” your diet.  But for a site like us, focused on things that make us look and feel better, ignoring skincare reviews would be a bad decision.  There are so many skincare products out there, that ignoring them would be a disservice to our readers.  That’s why we’ve dove in head first into skincare reviews.  Don’t worry, we have our best writers on it.  While we’re not dermatologists, nor are we pretending to be, we have a lot of experience in using beauty products, so it makes sense to review them from a user perspective.

Skincare Reviews – Our Approach

Just like with our reviews for weight loss and muscle building supplements, we’re focused on delivering high quality reviews.  That starts with a focus on things that are important to us as readers, reviewers, and skincare product users.  We’ve all seen the reviews online where they provide no value, and only regurgitate the facts in ways that make reading the article a complete waste of time.  But they don’t really care about that, their goal is to get your from point a to point b (point b is where you buy the product).  That’s where we want to make a difference.  Let’s dive into our list of principles when it comes to writing our skincare product reviews.

Skincare Reviews – Honesty

“Honesty.”  You’ve heard it before, we’re sure.  Everybody promises to be honest in their work, but the truth is, it’s harder to come by then you think.  We all have motives that drive us, and for sites like ours, the motive is often money.  Here’s where we’re going to be honest; our site needs to make money.  While we would love to do this out of a sense of charity, and donate our time to the cause of giving people more information on the products they want to use, we need to pay our staff.  That means we need to make money.  While the best way to do this has been fiercely debated around the office, we’ve landed on a way that checks most of our boxes.  We’re going to link to products, and if people are interested in them, they’ll click those links and buy the product.  When (or if) they buy that product, we’ll get a slice of the sale in the form of commission.  This practice is known as affiliate marketing.  We’ll get more into what kind of advertisements you won’t find on our site in a little bit.  Honestly, it’s the least intrusive way we could find to make money while running a review site.

Skincare Reviews – Integrity

We don’t want people to buy something they’re going to be unhappy with.  It’s as simple as that. Even when we’re linking to a product that might make us money if somebody buys it, we’re not always going to say it’s the “best product ever”.  Unless it is, then we’ll say it.  But one of the things the big sites don’t talk about is why they review some products, and not others.  We found recently that some sites are getting bought out by skincare companies altogether, which then direct the site to review only their product.  Nice illusion of choice there, right?  We won’t sell out like that.  You know why?  Because we have integrity!  That’s a hallmark of our focus here.

Skincare Reviews – Products Work, Or They Don’t

Efficacy is important.  You want the skincare product you buy to work, obviously.  But the reality is that not all skincare products are going to work for everybody. It could happen for a variety of reasons; skin type, age, skin health, or maybe the product was compromised in some qualitative way.  So when we review products, we’re never going to guarantee that they’ll work for you.  But gauging the general trend of product–in that it works for most people–is an important aspect of how we formulate reviews.

Skincare Reviews – Formulas and Ingredients

One of the biggest things we look at when we do our skincare reviews is the formulas for the products.  If we don’t, we’re operating purely on manufactured hype from marketing material.  If we see a product that doesn’t talk about at least a few ingredients, we won’t review it.  Additionally, if we come across an ingredient we’re not fond of, we’ll talk about it.  Likewise, we’ll talk about ingredients we recognize and know work.  We tend to link to studies to support those assertions, too.  While we don’t expect our readers to read those studies, for those adventurous souls who like a good read, or want to deepen their understanding, they’re a nice option.  For some of the more common ingredients, we’ll have a number of support articles.   Let’s look at a few of the more common skincare ingredients we see.

Peptides – Peptides are the name of the game when it comes to locking in moisture. In fact, peptides can even help with moisture loss disorders like transepidermal water loss. But not all peptides are created equally.  That’s why when we see peptides advertised, we’re always asking which one, or which ones.  If you want to learn more about peptides, and how they’re used in skincare, check out our article on peptides and how they work, here.

Collagen – If we told you the skin was made up of almost 70% collagen, would you believe us?  You should.  Collagen is hugely important to not only our skin, but our body on the whole.  But supplementing collagen and topically applying it can have much different results.  It’s an approach that a lot of skin creams, serums, and oils are using, and one that works to great effect.  If you want to learn more about how collagen is used in skincare products, you can check out our article here.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C isn’t just something you take when you’re getting sick.  In skincare, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is used to help improve collagen synthesis, and even helps to improve resistance to incoming damage.  If you want to learn more about how Vitamin C is used in skincare products, check out our article for all the details.

Hyaluronic Acid – Hyaluronic Acid is often used alongside Vitamin C in skincare products.  It’s an important, naturally occurring part of skin structure, so using it topically can yield some pretty hefty benefits.  But don’t take our tiny little blurb for it, read the article on how hyaluronic acid is used in skincare, here.

Retinol – This impressive sounding name for Vitamin A1 is used extensively in skincare products.  One of the things we like most about it is that it’s great for acne.  But application of retinol and retinoids can go beyond that into wrinkle-fighting territory.

Skincare Reviews – Delivering The Latest Product Reviews To You

We’ve made it easy to view the latest Skincare reviews here at Best New Supplements.  You can check out our category page here, or you can bookmark this page for the list below.

Skincare Reviews – Things You Won’t See Here

Alright, we teased this earlier, but now it’s time for the full truth.  We obviously need to make money if we want it to keep operational.  But that means that we need a way for it to make money.  We could ask people to donate, like a newspaper, but we’re not sure that would be enough.  We could collect information and sell it, like email addresses, but we don’t want to do that either.  We could do pop-ups, where if you don’t click on the x perfectly, you’re getting taken to some scammy site.  But we don’t want to do that either.  The way we’ve found that is the least intrusive is to link to products when we review them.  Again, we don’t want these links to affect your judgement.  We want them to be there if you want them.  Additionally, we don’t let the fact that a person can click that link and make us money make us give a positive review if the product doesn’t call for it.  But one other thing, we’re not going to go all heck kitchen on these reviews either.  That means you’re not going to see smear-jobs here.  But if we don’t like a product, we’ll make it clear.

Skincare Reviews – Product Types

Skincare products are a diverse niche.  The products range from creams, to masks, to cleansers.  There is a product for just about everything out there.  Obviously right now you see more creams and serums than anything.  That’s because they’ve been proven to work.  But we’re not above reviewing more novel skincare product types.  IF we find something interesting, or maybe see promise in it, we’ll write about it too. In fact, we’ve recently been seeing some light treatment masks that have been catching our eye.  Have you seen those?  They look crazy.  Let’s look at few of the more popular product types, and where you can get more info.

Serums – Skincare serums are very common these days.  They’re popular for a variety of reasons.  They’re portable, they absorb very quickly, and they do a great job of holding ingredients that aren’t suitable for creams or masks.  We see them more for spot, anti-aging treatments when compared to creams, but they’ll cross over in a lot of areas as well.  If you want to learn all the in’s and out’s of serums, check out our article on skincare serums and how they work, here.

Creams – Creams are an overarching group of skincare products that include moisturizers, cremes, cremas, lotions, and even sunscreens.  Creams are a great choice for a lot of applications because they’re solid, stable, and able to achieve a variety of purposes with skincare issues.  In our skincare reviews, we look at a lot of cream products.  In fact, they make up at least 2/3rds of the market that we cover.  If you want to dive into the world of cremes,  we’ve written up a great article on skincare creams and how they’re used.  It’s not boring, we promise.

Masks – Masks are more diverse than they sound.  They can be used for a wide range of applications; ranging from pore cleansing to brightening.  They also range in complexity, from the most basic mud masks, to clinically advanced anti-wrinkle masks that use a laundry list of active ingredients.  They also range in origin, with some of the most popular products coming from South Korea and Japan.  If you want to get your mask on, click the link here to read our article on masks and how they work.

Other – There are tons of other products out there for skincare.  From at-home laser hair removal, to other treatments like leave on night creams, to undereye masks and electric light treatments. It’s varied, for sure.  If you want to dive into the world of bizarre, or pioneering skincare products, check out our section on the “other”, here.

Skincare Reviews – What We Look For

When we review skincare products, we’re applying the standards we talked about above, but we also have a longer list of criteria.  These criteria included everything from reviews, to buying options, to intuition.  Each area helps to build into something that’s highly readable, and valuable to our readers.  Let’s take a look at the criteria we apply on all of our skincare reviews.

  1. Ingredients – We already touched on this one above, but ingredients are an important factor when we consider skincare products.  We look for harmful, beneficial, or otherwise mysterious ingredients that we have no clue what they’re actually doing, and apply our knowledge to them.  If we don’t have that knowledge, we’ll go educate ourselves and share our sources.  We put it at the top of our list of criteria because we think it’s the most critical part of any good product.
  2. User Reviews – This one can be hard to hit.  But if we’re covering a product that’s been out for awhile, we’ll look at user reviews for it.  We try to look past reviews focused on shipping or handling issues, and look at what people are saying about the actual product itself.  If we see that a product is largely negatively reviewed, we’ll factor that into our final rating.
  3. Appearance – While you never want to judge a book by a cover, the packaging for a skincare product can tell you a lot about the product.  More professional organizations put a lot of money into the appearance of the product.  So, unless we suspect they’re not putting in that diligence with their formula, we’ll take a good-looking product over a bad looking one most of the time.
  4. Company History – While we shouldn’t define companies by their history, if they have a history of side-effect laden products, then we’ll factor that in.  If they’re a new company, we don’t hold that against them.  We like to let the products speak for themselves.
  5. Price – Here it is, the most important criteria in how we do our skincare reviews.  Price can make or break a product.  But that isn’t true for all products.  The high end luxury skincare products seem to exist on hype and a big price tag alone.  But if we don’t think a substantial part of our readership can afford a product, we’ll probably rate it poorly just out of spite.

Skincare Reviews – Resources

If you want to learn more about skincare, then we’ve got a lot of resources here on the site.  You can check out a lot of articles about up and coming trends in skincare here, and even the occasional piece on the science behind skincare.  But if you don’t want to read our drivel, and you want to go straight to the source, then consider checking out some of the following resources.

US National Library of Medicine – This site has a ton of studies on all things skincare.  It’s pretty easy to use, too.  But if you don’t want to search for individual studies, we’ve found that this one serves as a good overarching anti-aging read.

wikiHow – This one might seem like an oh, duh, moment.  But for a lot of us, reading articles on how to help your skin is a good resource for not only getting better looking skin, but educating yourself on the ideas behind the practice.

Our Skincare Reviews – Final Thoughts

All of this talk about product reviews aside, the skin is important.  You need to take care of it.  Whether that’s from using a product we’ve reviewed, or going elsewhere, we don’t really care.  As long as you’re taking care of your skin and feeling your best, we’re a happy bunch here.  If you do decide to go with one of the products we’ve reviewed, then go for it. We’re in the business of providing information to people, so if that info makes you make an informed choice, then we’ve done our job.

If you have any questions about our Skincare product reviews, feel free to contact us.  We should have a staff member get back to you within a few days.  If you don’t hear back, contact us at our facebook page as we check that daily to make sure people aren’t posting weird stuff.

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