Weight Loss Supplement Reviews

Here at Best New Supplements, we take our supplement reviews very seriously.  That means that every time you visit our site, you can look forward to a few things. This list is far from comprehensive, and is specific to the weight loss supplement reviews we do.  If you’re interested in our other categories, click the links on the navigation menu above to read more.  Additionally, if you want to skip right to our most recent weight loss supplement reviews, you can click here.

Weight Loss Supplement Reviews – Honesty

One, honest reviews.  This is probably the most important thing we take into account when we do new reviews for weigh loss supplements.  There are plenty of sites out there that have no qualms about lying right to you face.  We get enough of that in our regular lives, it doesn’t need to happen when we’re trying to research new products.  We try to be fair, honest, and approach these supplements in an impartial manner.

Weight Loss Supplement Reviews – Integrity

As a team, Best New Supplements is focused on delivering high quality reviews of the hottest new products.  But how do we decide which weight loss supplements to review, and which ones to avoid?  The biggest part in that decision making process is whether or not it’s something people are currently using, or something we expect them to be using in the very new future.  That means we might review some existing hot products, or take a risk and look at some up and coming products that might be worth your while.  We don’t play favorites, except for our recommended supplements, and we don’t beat around the bush as to how we pay our bills.

Weight Loss Supplement Reviews –  Efficacy

While we don’t have the staff, or budget, to run clinical trials for every product that we look at, we strive to provide information on the latest, or most important studies about the ingredients.  When there aren’t studies available on given ingredients, we’ll link to our own articles on these ingredients.  They’re not scholarly quality, but they’re at least something for you to consider when deciding on a supplement.  Plus, we like to think they’re fun to read.  They’re fun to read, ok!

Weight Loss Supplement Reviews ingredientsWeight Loss Supplement Reviews – Ingredients

We might have put the carriage before the horse with this section, but people that gloss over ingredients are doing themselves a disservice.  While most weight loss supplements are straight forward when it comes to ingredients.  There are some that try to sneak in ingredients to make their product more effective, at the cost of side effects.  Let’s cover some of the more common ingredients we come across.  Along the way, we’ll have links to our big articles on those ingredients, so check them out if you want to learn more about them.  Here are the most prominent ingredients we see in our Weight Loss Supplement Reviews;

  • Garcinia Cambogia – This is the most prevalent, natural weight loss ingredient in weight loss supplements today.  While the history of Garcinia is a little more complicated than some might guess, there is some evidence out there that Garcinia is effective at preventing fat production, stress eating, and possibly even a few other benefits.  On the other side of the coin, Garcinia might have some long term side effects, so be sure to read up on our Garcinia Supplement Reviews article to get the skinny (see what we did there?)  Also be sure to check out our recent Garcinia product reviews here.
  • Forskolin – Forskolin, a.k.a.; Coleus forskohlii, Plectranthus barbatus, is a tropical plant that is featured in a lot of supplements today.  It has a somewhat checkered history, but has shown some promise in weight loss applications.  It’s also an interesting ingredient to look at for other health problems, like asthma.  There’s a lot to talk about with forskolin supplements, so be sure to check out our extended article Forskolin Supplement Reviews.  You can check it out now by clicking the link.    
  • Cleanses – Cleanse Supplements are all the rage.  While there are plenty of at-home alternatives, cleansing supplements are always available, and effective.  They don’t require any drink mixing, and forgo the rigorous requirements found in many cleanse plans.  But cleanses do have some downfalls, and if you don’t take the proper steps, can lead to some serious health problems.  If you want to learn more about cleanses, read our article Cleanse Supplement Reviews for more info on this emerging field of weight loss supplements.
  • Green Coffee – Who doesn’t like coffee?  Well, you haven’t tried this coffee yet.  Green Coffee supplements are currently in a lull, but we think they’ll have a resurgence soon.  There’s a lot to like about them.  If Green Coffee supplements are done right, they’ll work for just about everybody.  If you want to lose weight with Green Coffee, check out our giant article on this ingredient in our article Green Coffee Supplement Reviews.  You can view it now by clicking the link to the left.
  • African Mango – There are plenty of weird supplement ingredients out there, but African Mango is not one of them.  In fact, you’ve probably had your share of mangos before.  But the ingredient that these supplements are using (or should be using) is an extract from the seed of that mango called IGOB131.  A lot of supplements that claim to use African Mango may very well be doing that, but if they’re not using this chemical, then they’re not going to be effective.  Learn more about how to spot a great African Mango supplement in our article  Mango Cleanse Reviews. Click the link to the left to head there now.  Don’t worry, you can come back, this isn’t a one way door.

Weight Loss Supplement Reviews – The Best New Reviews

We review a lot of supplements here, so going to our homepage for the latest reviews might not be the best tactic. If you want the best new weight loss supplement reviews, check out the feed below, or head over to our weight loss category page for the latest.

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Weight Loss Supplement Reviews Advertistements PolicyWeight Loss Supplement Reviews – What Not To Expect

There are a few things that we don’t provide in our Weight Loss Supplement Reviews that are a mark of how much time and passion we’re putting into our reviews. 

  • Intrusive Advertisements – One, you won’t find spammy advertisements, or ads in general.  What we do instead of having those annoying autoplay videos, or ads that require you to click out of them (god we hate those) is provide affiliate links to certain products we like. If you end up buying that product through the link, we get some money in commission.  While some people might not like that method, we find it less intrusive to the average reader.
  • Scathing Reviews – Unless a product is making people dangerously ill, or is downright fraudulent, we’re not going to give it a hyperbolically negative review.  We’ll express our opinions adequately and let people form their own opinions.  We’re not trying to ruin businesses here, only get people educated on new products.  If you think we’re being too positive about a product, let us know in the comment section. 
  • Sign Ups – Sign up for our newsletter.  Opt in to our mailing list.  Check out these deals from our sponsored advertisers by signing up.  Get a free ebook when you sign up.  How many of these to we have to see before we stop visiting a site?  We understand how annoying these can be, and that’s why we try to limit the amount of things we’re asking you for.  The most common thing we’ll ask for is for you to start a conversation in the comment section.  This is meant to be a community built around talking about supplements, and the voice of the everyday user of these supplements is paramount to our success.

Weight Loss Supplement Types

  • Pills – Pills, or capsule, are by far the most popular supplement delivery system on the market today.  It makes sense, they offer a reliable, convenient way to supplement your diet.  But for some people, pills can present a dilemma.   They can be tough to use if you have a bad gag reflex, and, if you have an easily irritated stomach, eating the pills at the wrong time can give you some nasty indigestion.  That depends largely on what’s in the pills.  That’s another thing we don’t necessarily like about the pills, you can’t see the contents for yourself other than by the ingredient label.  On the plus side, you know what you’re getting.  You don’t have to mess around with dosage, or even with other equipment.  You just need a glass of water, and a clock to make sure you’re taking it around the same time daily.
  • Powders – Powders are a great way to supplement your diet, but they can be a bit messier, and more commonly include a sweetener of some sort.  That can mean additional calories, or even side effects from the artificial sweeteners.  But if you find ingredient focused powder supplements, or even just ingredient extracts, they can be significantly less expensive than other forms of supplements.  For weight loss, powders are our least preferred supplement type because of their propensity for added calories and ingredients. 
  • Liquids – Liquids are a good middle ground between powders and pills.  They offer a good deal of portability and convenience, while maintaining quality for some time.  They do typically need to be refrigerated (in our experience).  They also commonly have added ingredients in them, like sweeteners because they’re consumed orally.  We like the adaptability of liquids as well, as they can easily mix into smoothies, juices or water without the chunky effect that some powders can have.  We’ve even seen some weight loss supplements come in the form of liquid droppers, which can be applied to the tongue.
  • Other – There are other types of weight loss supplements that we cover.  They’re far less common, but they do exist.  We’ve even seen a few weight loss supplements that come in k-cups.  There’s no limit to the creativity that these manufacturers can reach when it comes to novel applications of weight loss ingredients.  Gum, dissolvable tabs, patches, there’s something out there for everybody.

Weight Loss Supplement Reviews – What We Look At

Work.  It’s a pretty glib, and simple answer, but it’s the most correct one.   You obviously want your weight loss supplements to work.  But there is a line.  You don’t want to get sick from using a supplement, even if it does make you lose a lot of weight.   Here’s our list of things we look at when we judge a given supplement.

  1. Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients are a must for us.  We don’t want weight loss supplements that are packed full of ingredients that can give us a headaches, or worse.  Natural ingredients are a good start, but they also need to be proven safe, and effective.  Bonus points if they’re organic, or well-documented.

  1. Available To Purchase

This might seem like a no-brainer to a lot of you, but there are a lot of small-batch supplements out there that can be hard to get.  That’s mostly because manufacturers hold off on big production numbers until they can be sure they’ll be able to sell them all.  So when we review a supplement, we’re typically going to address whether or not it’s currently available, and if so, how much stock they have available.

  1. Multiple Ways To Buy

As shoppers, we have a lot of products to choose from.  That means we can afford to be picky.  In today’s market, products need to cater to us, and not the other way around.  One of the ways that companies are doing that is by giving consumers multiple buying options.  We tend to favor products that are available in both trials, and traditional online sale options.

  1. Have Good Reviews

We know, we know, we’re a review site.  But that doesn’t mean that other reviews don’t factor into our ranking criteria.  The best weight loss supplement reviews out there are as helpful to us as the information provided by the company.  Sure there are a lot of fake reviews out there, but even those reviews can provide usable information.  If we can, we’ll also look at user reviews, as they give a great glimpse into how a product is working at the ground level.

  1. Appearance

We’re not going to feel confident taking a product unless it looks like a good product.  It’s probably why we tend to score powders so low, there isn’t much branding you can do in that regard.  But we’ve also found that the attention that companies pay to a weight loss supplement’s appearance can tell you a lot about how good that supplement is going to be.  They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s not necessarily the case with supplements.  Pay attention to packaging people!

  1. Price

We probably should have saved this for last.  Price is the most important part of the supplement buying process for most people.  We say most, because there are some people that don’t even look at the price before they click buy. That’s a mistake for a number of reasons, regardless of how much money you have.  We look for products that are affordable, and if not affordable, at least cheap to try, and up front about their pricing.

  1. Company History

Those who forget their supplement maker’s history are doomed to purchase a bad product.  That’s the saying right?  Well it should be.  History is important when it comes to finding the right supplement.   You don’t want to buy a weight loss supplement from a company that just released a supplement that made people sick, right?  We do our best to find any information about the company and their experience with similar products before we recommend, or don’t recommend their product.

  1. Gut Feeling

Ok, maybe this isn’t the most scientific, or even fair way of judging a weight loss supplement, but it is important to trust your gut.  If we see, smell, or even consider something to be fishy in the slightest, then it’s important to keep digging.  If we have something that we haven’t resolved that we’re suspicious about, we’ll be sure to make note in our review.

Weight Loss Supplement Reviews resourcesOur Favorite Weight Loss Resources

We use a variety of places to help build our knowledge of ingredients and their applications for our weight loss supplement reviews.  We might look at a more general article on an ingredient.  These are great for giving an overview of an ingredient or technique.  They also typically link to studies they used to do their research, which is even better for us.  Or we might look at more focused material on an ingredient via a study or trial.  One of our go-to sources is NCBI.  This company is part of the USNLM, or national library of medicine in the US.  It’s called the National Center for Biotechnology Information, and it features studies, briefs, and other information on ingredients used in everything from supplements to topical creams, and other healthcare items.  While it’s typically used as a resource for medical professionals, we’ve found it to be a great, free, and open source for learning about your favorite supplement ingredients.  We really can’t recommend it highly enough.

Weight Loss Supplement Reviews – Final Thoughts

As you can see, we’ve put a lot of thought into how we can bring you the best reviews for weight loss supplements.   We try to be rigorous in our study of these ingredients, but sometimes we might slip up.  If you see a writer favoring a product that you had a problem with, reach out to us.  We can get to the bottom of it.  Thanks for reading, if you made it all the way through this article, we not only commend you, we admire your patience.  Be sure to check out our other articles, and thanks for visiting Best New Supplements.

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