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If you’re here checking out diet pills on our site, you might be dealing with Beating Emotional Eating. You may be having problems losing weight because of it. Beating Emotional Eating isn’t easy. Especially if it’s something you’ve been dealing with for a while. Some of the supplements you can find reviews for on this site even claim to target emotional eating. It’s a problem that many people face! But Beating Emotional Eating starts with awareness and ownership. And Beating Emotional Eating also involves coming to terms with food as an addiction and / or unhealthy coping mechanism. So let’s get started with strategizing for Beating Emotional Eating!

Beating Emotional Eating: Practicing Mindfulness

One of the best ways for Beating Emotional Eating is developing a mindfulness practice. What is mindfulness? Well, it comes from meditation. But it’s pretty simple. It’s basically just being aware of everything going on in this “present moment.” For eating, that means being aware of the food you’re putting in your mouth. Being aware how you chew it. How it tastes. What its texture is. And how you do (or don’t) enjoy it! Being mindful of your eating also includes being mindful about how food makes you feel before and after you eat. It means being mindful of knowing when you’re actually hungry. And knowing when you eat out of stress or emotion (instead of real hunger). Mindfulness it the starting point for Beating Emotional Eating.

Beating Emotional Eating: Keeping The “Usual Suspects” Away   

Besides being mindful, there are practical measures you can take for Beating Emotional Eating. This includes just keeping the usual suspects out of your house! If you binge eat or compulsively eat any specific kinds of foods – STAY AWAY. And if you KNOW you’re just going to down a whole pint of ice cream when you get triggered and need to “self-soothe” with food, don’t buy it! If you want a treat sometime, grab an ice cream cone on the go. But don’t let that stuff into your home in larger quantities if you know in your heart of hearts that you’re just going to go for it when the stress hits you hard!

Beating Emotional Eating: Using Other Practical Measures

There are also other practical measures you can take when it comes to Beating Emotional Eating. Other practical measures include drinking more water, getting quality sleep, managing your emotions more effectively, eating more fiber, chewing gum, eating spicy food, eating more vegetables, and snacking on (small portions) of high energy foods like nuts. In general, practicing portion control across the board will put your emotional / stress eating into perspective. Also, don’t make excuses for yourself. And don’t blame others. For instance, if you aren’t being realistic with yourself if you have a sugar addition (many people do) it’s time to face the music. Or if you use food to self soothe and you’ve lost your ability to even tell when you’re actually hungry or not, you need to take ownership for what is essentially mucking up your sensory feedback. But there are ways to change your habits! We hope we have given you some insight into how you can kick your emotional and stress eating habits.

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