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Now, it’s easy to look at food as the enemy when it comes to weight loss. Most of the time, when we think about how our diets affect our health, the first thing that comes to mind is eating less. Therefore, diet plans focus more on what to cut out of our meals rather than what to include as a replacement. This mindset often sets people up for failure in terms of weight loss.  Often, this puts losing weight in a light of sacrifice. However, shedding belly fat shouldn’t have to mean that you give up all the things you love. Rather, losing weight should be approached in a more positive way. Now, you can learn about foods that you can add into your diet without worrying about their caloric intake. These foods have a “negative calorie” effect when they’re digested. Before we get into our list of the best negative calorie foods, we want to talk about what they are.

What Are Negative Calorie Foods

Calories are units of energy that are used to measure the foods we eat. Now, calorie counts are often equated with what foods are healthy and unhealthy. However, they don’t actually measure the nutritional standards of the foods we consume. Rather, they simply measure the heat energy. However, there are some foods that have a “negative calorie” effect when they are eaten. Basically, negative calorie foods are ones that require more energy to digest than the energy they contain. Therefore, your body doesn’t consume as many calories when you include them in your diet.

The Best Negative Calorie Foods

Now, most of these negative calorie foods include veggies. First, cucumber is considered to be a negative calorie food. The cucumber is largely made up of water. However, it also contains vitamin C. This negative calorie food can also help reduce inflammation. Therefore, it’s the perfect snack substitute to add into your diet. Another popular negative calorie food is celery. This hearty stalk takes an awful lot of effort to chew. Therefore, it takes more energy to consume the food than the stalk itself contains. In addition, it’s largely made up of water just like the cucumber. In fact, celery is about one quarter fiber and three quarters water. Celery is also high sodium and potassium. Now, you have some examples of the best negative calorie foods.

How To Include Negative Calorie Foods To Your Diet

However, negative calorie foods are not supposed to be your sole nutritious income. These foods often contain lots of vitamins and minerals, and they don’t calories to your day. On the other hand, you body needs calories and energy in order to function properly. Therefore, you should not pursue a diet solely of negative calorie foods. Rather, these foods should be looked at as snack replacements and bites to hold you over between meals. Then, you can get the nutritious energy you need from your planned meals throughout the day, and include negative calorie foods to avoid salty or sugary snacks. Try reducing the chips you consume and making a snack of celery and peanut butter!

Other Ways To Use Foods To Lose Weight

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