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There are many different names for yerba mate. So, if you don’t think you’ve seen it around, in may have been referred to as Paraguay tea, Jesuit’s tea, ilex, green mate, and. Yerba mate can be used for multiple health benefits because its leaves are used to make medicines. However, this plant extract is also the main component of a beverage that is gaining wider popularity across the globe. This plant extract contains caffeine, which is why it’s considered a stimulant in tea form. In addition, yerba mate naturally contains minerals like potassium, magnesium, and manganese to boost the benefits this tea-like beverage can deliver.  But how do you determine what makes for the best yerba mate?

The yerba mate tea is commonly referred to as just mate. Although it may not be a staple in the US, this beverage is popular in central and southern regions of South America. In these traditional teas, yerba mate tastes like green tea. However, its is a bit more bitter to the taste than that of green tea. Much like coffee is consumed in the United States, mate is often consumed in casual social gatherings with friends. However, this plant extract has also made its way into more global markets as of late. If you have a local international grocer or international section at the market, you may stumble upon some mate. Yerba mate is also common element in energy drinks. The largest producers of yerba mate include Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.

The Benefits Of Yerba Mate

There are a host of health benefits that can follow yerba mate tea consumption. Another similarity with green tea is mate’s high antioxidant count. However, yerba mate has about 90 percent more than is found in green tea. Therefore, it also has powerful anti-aging properties. Yerba mate is rich in minerals and vitamins, which help to balance out the caffeine intake one would receive after drinking yerba mate tea. With these minerals and vitamins, you won’t have the same side effects that other caffeinated beverages deliver. Now, you can see increased mental focus without the caffeine crash that other energy drinks can give you.

Best Yerba Mate For Weight Loss

Yerba mate has become a popular solution to weight loss. This newfound popularity isn’t coincidence, as mate has several benefits that relate to health and digestion specifically. First, yerba mate can be used to naturally suppress your appetite. In addition, this tea-like beverage works as a stimulant and makes you feel full sooner. Therefore, having a cup of yerba mate can slow digestion and keep you fuller for a longer period of time. Now, you won’t have to worry about cravings and emotional eating getting in the way of your weight loss.

In addition, yerba mate can help control your metabolism. So, it can help ensure that your body has more energy to get you through the day! Now, you can burn more belly fat when you drink the tea with regular exercise. Yerba mate tea can also help fight lactic acid build up in your body. This kind of build up is often what causes soreness and aches during your workout.

However, there are quite a few yerba mate options on the market right now. So, which are the best yerba mate beverages? And, which ones will actually taste good enough to make you drink them? Well, SOUND makes a sparkling yerba mate beverage with organic ingredients. Also, it’s unsweetened. Now, you don’t have to let sugar get in the way of your weight loss. If you’re looking for a loose leaf option instead, try Energence Mate for a full-bodied, Argentinian blend.

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