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Do you feel weighed down lately? Or, low on energy? It seems like getting through a work day gets harder and harder. Energy levels drop and no amount of coffee or energy drinks can increase them. You want to feel lively while at work. And, have it continue into the evening, but nothing works. Well, there is a new, energy boosting craze that is proving to be just the answer. Stop chugging all that coffee, and turn to a DIY Cleanse Drink.

DIY cleanse drinks are blowing up. And, for good reason. They can be the quick pick-me-up your body needs. They are also multi-functional. Because, by making these cleanse drinks yourself, you can target your exact needs. Whether you’re looking for more energy, to slim down your waist or to simply infuse a healthy drink into your day, it can be whatever you make it. But, where do you start? What goes into a DIY cleanse drink? How often do you drink it? And, how often do you drink it? There is no need to worry. We’ll go over everything you need to start making DIY cleanse drinks. You’ll be a pro in no time.

Best DIY Cleanse Drink Ingredients

Instead of providing exact recipes, here are some amazing ingredients that would be beneficial in any DIY cleanse drink. Once you know effective ingredients to include, and how they affect your body, you can mix and match to better suit your interests. And, these ingredients can be found at any grocery store, are affordable, and best of all, healthy. And, if you’re interested in other drinks you can intake for your health, we have a guide to Yerba Mate Drinks over here. For now, we’ll focus on the Best DIY Cleanse Drink.

DIY Cleanse Drink: Watermelon

Watermelon helps hydrate the body. And, it is low in calories. This ingredient in a DIY cleanse drink can help fight inflammation and free radical damage while providing vitamins A and B. It serves as a powerful antioxidant and blood flow. This ingredient would be great for someone looking at boosting energy or seeking more antioxidants. It’s also good because it’s high in fiber, which can aid in weight loss over time.

DIY Cleanse Drink: Lemon

The acid within lemons help detoxify the body. Lemons can help aid digestion, create a glowing complexion and provide vitamin C. Lemon in a DIY cleanse drink can also promote weight loss. So, lemon would be a good addition to a drink aimed at helping digestion, weight loss and skincare.

DIY Cleanse Drink: Ginger

Ginger has many health benefits. This does not change when it’s added to a DIY cleanse drink. The root acts as a highly potent antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory. It aids in digestion and is a natural remedy for nausea. It is a good additive to help relieve bloating, constipation or really any gastrointestinal issues. Mostly, adding ginger to a cleanse drink is always beneficial.

DIY Cleanse Drink: Apple Cider Vinegar

First, drinking apple cider vinegar is linked to increasing metabolism and speeding up weight loss. Second, it can help balance your body’s pH and also promotes cardiovascular stimulation. Add apple cider vinegar to a DIY cleanse drink if you are looking at losing weight, or want a cleanse drink filled with probiotics.

DIY Cleanse Drink: Mint

This has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any food. It may be one of the most beneficial things to add to a DIY cleanse drink. In fact, it invigorates the senses, boosting energy, and can soothe an upset stomach or indigestion. Finally, it also contains certain properties that support oral health.

Here are a few other key ingredients that can be added to any DIY cleanse drink:

Rosemary – Contains anti-inflammatory properties
Dandelion – Rich in vitamin C, have been linked to appetite suppression and aid digestion
Strawberries – Full of antioxidants, helpful for anti-aging and promote cardiovascular health
Raspberries – Contain natural chemicals that assist in weight loss

Making A DIY Cleanse Drink

Once you pick your ingredients, making your DIY cleanse drink is extremely easy. And, it can be fun to create different concoctions. All you do is choose which ingredients you’d like to add to your cleanse drink. Put them in a glass jar, or pitcher of water. Let them settle into the water for 3-5 hours, or overnight. Once the ingredients are settled, add some ice. And, that’s it. So:

  1. Pick ingredients
  2. Add ingredients to a pitcher of water
  3. Let water sit for 3-5 hours (or overnight)
  4. Add ice, enjoy

It truly is that easy. And, you don’t need to spend tons of money on expensive cleanse drinks or detoxes. All you do is pick out a few effective, simple ingredients that are targeted to what your body needs. So, get into the kitchen and start experimenting with DIY cleanse drinks. You, and your body, will not be disappointed!

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