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Oh really? You want Easy Cardio Workouts? So you can get just an okay body? So that your legs just barely get sore and you can go home. Nothing easy obtained was ever worth it. You get out of life what you put into it. So stop spending you time looking up Easy Cardio Workouts. Because that is straight up not going to happen. I’ll be giving you some intermediate cardio workouts that will challenge you, but not too much. So, we guess it’s still an Easy Cardio Workouts guide.

Easy Cardio Workouts: Walking

Speed Walking: It’s not quite walking, and it’s way slower than running, but you even get to skip out on jogging. Seriously, put in your headphones and go speed walking. The only downside is that you are going to look a little ridiculous. But you want to get in shape don’t you? Well then lace up your sneakers drink your kale shake and walk outside whether it’s 90 degrees or negative three.

Easy Cardio Workouts: Jogging

Jogging: It’s not as high impact as running, so you won’t be totally maximizing results. But there is something to be gained from just jogging. You can pretty much jog anywhere you like, meaning that this exercise is a pretty versatile thing. So what are you waiting for? Lace up your shoes, drink your protein shake, and get ready to move those legs.

Easy Cardio Workouts: Running

Running: So this is arguably not one of the Easy Cardio Workouts, though it depends how fast you run and how long you do it for. Plus you can brag about running. You can kind of brag about jogging, but no one going to give you a medal for jogging. You won’t get a medal regardless of your workout, but your ego boost from running will make you feel like you deserve a medal. And, it’s dang good for your body, too.

Easy Cardio Workouts: Swimming

Swimming: Swimming is a great everything workout. That’s why it made the Easy Cardio Workouts list. You ever hear about the “swimmer’s body?” Swimmers have amazing body because water is literally everywhere in pools. It fills them all the way, unless someone cannonballs in them (thanks a lot Derek). Swimming can really be done at your own pace, meaning you can make it as easy or difficult as you want it to be.

Easy Cardio Workouts: Final Thoughts

And as always, when the going gets tough, keep going. If you want even more workout ideas, check out this easy workout article. I know that you’re literally looking at an article that has the headline “Easy Cardio Workouts” but it is important to challenge yourself a little bit. Take it one day at a time. That’s the way you’re taking life anyway. Cardio can really suck but that DOES NOT mean that it has to be a pain in the butt. Don’t be afraid to do little bits at a time. When you get a hand (or should I say A FOOT) on sped walking, upgrade from there. You’ll be surprised by what you can accomplish. But, Easy Cardio Workouts is a good place to start. So, thanks for reading our Easy Cardio Workouts guide today! Now, get out there!

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