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Have you ever bought protein bars from the grocery store? They are expensive and most of them taste terrible. Plus, there are very few bars in a box. By the end of the week you’ve already gone through the box that was very expensive and tasted terrible. But, protein bars are great for you. And, you want to include them in your diet. Well, there is a better solution. You can continue eating protein bars, save money on them, and, they will taste great. You can do this by making Easy DIY Protein Bars.

Easy DIY Protein Bars are becoming more and more popular. People are realizing that it makes no sense to spend money on something you can easily make yourself. And, you can make them to your own liking. Once you get the basic steps down, you can start mix and matching ingredients to create your own personalized recipes. You’ll be a pro in no time!

Why Make Easy DIY Protein Bars

Many people skip breakfast. But, eating breakfast in the morning, especially a protein filled breakfast, is crucial for a healthy life. And, crucial in losing weight. By making Easy DIY Protein Bars, you will have an easy go-to breakfast item that is healthy, tastes good and that you can take with you. Protein bars are the perfect solution.

It doesn’t take a long time to make Easy DIY Protein Bars either. So, you can prep them at night and they will be ready to go by morning. And, you can make them in huge batches. So, you’re one night of making Easy DIY Protein Bars can give you enough to last the entire month. See, it is way more affordable to make your own!

Making Easy DIY Protein Bars

Getting started with Easy DIY Protein Bars is extremely easy. It consists of the combination of salty, sweet and protein packed ingredients. Here are some ingredients that make up Easy DIY Protein Bars:

Almonds (Protein)

Dried Cranberries (Natural Sweetness)

Puffed Rice Cereal (Adds a Crunch)

Unsweetened Coconut Flakes (A Personal Touch)

Hemp Seeds (An Extra Protein Boost)

This mix includes everything that is salty, naturally sweet and packed with protein. You can alter each ingredient for your own taste. Any dried fruit can replace cranberries. You can choose a different nut instead of almonds. And, instead of hemp seed, you could use flax or chia. It is all up to you.

Once you have all your dry ingredients picked out, it’s time to make the sauce that binds it all together! Again, you can mix and match these ingredients, but this mixture is one that works perfectly!

Naturally Sweetened Brown Rice Syrup


A Bit Of Vanilla

Combine the dry mix with the sauce. After this, press it into a parchment lined baking pan. Make sure to press it into the pan quickly. The sauce will harder fast! Which means, your Easy DIY Protein Bars will be done in no time. Once the bars are at room temperature you can cut them into individual bars.

That is all it takes to make Easy DIY Protein Bars. These Easy DIY Protein Bars are simple. You can make an entire baking pan of them in one batch. And, you can put the ingredients you like into them. Easy DIY Protein Bars  will change you’re morning routine forever! Or, you can click here to get easy smoothie recipes that will also make your morning easy.

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