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You’ve heard of superfoods, right? Did you know that green tea is one of them? It is, and not only is it good for you, it can help you lose weight. If you’re looking to start losing weight with green tea, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve written up a couple of tips for an easy green tea diet. In just a few short weeks you could lose some extra poundage using one of the most delicious drinks available, green tea. There are many ways to brew green tea, and many different kinds. Most kinds don’t differ much, but for an easy green tea diet, try using green tea that comes in bags, and not loose leaf.

Green tea contains EGCG, a nutrient that can help you lose weight. The way it works is that it encourages your body to burn more fat, and stops the production of fat. It’s a delicious drink that doesn’t contain any calories. So, when you drink a cup, you’re losing fat and not gaining any back. Here are some further tips on how to maintain an easy green tea diet.

Easy Green Tea Diet: Drink It In The Morning And At Night

One thing that can lead to further weight gain is stress. If you’re stressed, you’re less likely to get a good night’s rest, and more likely to binge eat. If you drink a cup of hot tea before bed, it can affect your hormone levels in a good way. It can be easier to sleep well, and it’s a comforting concept in general. Then, when you wake up, it’s a good idea to have another cup of tea with your easy green tea diet. The first half hour you’re awake is the peak time to absorb EGCG. So, try it early in the morning on your easy green tea diet.

Easy Green Tea Diet: Drink Matcha

Okay, this easy green tea diet tip disagrees with one of the things I mentioned above, but it’s still easy to do. It’s not a tea bag, it’s a powder. You can just stir in a spoonful to a cup of hot water and get your tea fix. Matcha is a lot more concentrated than normal green tea. It contains much more EGCG, the most important nutrient in green tea. It has 137 times more of it, to be exact. That nutrient can help you lose weight and burn fat even faster than if you just drank green tea on its own. That’s why this made our easy green tea diet list. EGCG can encourage your body to burn fat faster, and stop more fat from being formed.

Easy Green Tea Diet: Add Chia Seeds

There are many ways to drink green tea, which is why we made this easy green tea diet guide. There’s normal hot tea, iced tea, and smoothies. When you make a green tea smoothie, you can add in extra ingredients to give yourself even more boosts in health. One of the things you should definitely add to your green tea smoothies is Chia seeds. Chia seeds can help increase the weight loss powers of green tea. The reason it does this is that it contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Because of that, the EGCG in green tea is more readily absorbed, and it’s made more effective. Thanks for reading our easy green tea diet guide!

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