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In 2010, the FDA approved of the first non-invasive fat reducing technology. You may have heard of this procedure referred to as fat freezing. This fat reducing method is considered as a body contouring treatment. The process involves using a gel patch attached to a machine that can freeze off fat cells. When these cells are cooled like this, it causes them to essentially self destruct. Then, they are reabsorbed into the body over the course of time.  The procedure itself is interesting in reference to how it makes your body feel. Those who have gone through it feel a variety of pains and pulls throughout the process. At first, you may experience what feels like a tug in the targeted area. Then, it becomes a bit more painful. However, eventually, the cool feeling essentially numbs the area.  So, how does fat freezing work?

How Does Fat Freezing Work?

So, how does fat freezing work to remove inches from your figure? Well, this cool sculpting method basically vacuums out small pockets of body fat from the targeted areas. When you decide to go through with one of these procedures, the attendant will issues a mouthpiece of sorts that attached to the cryolipolysis machine. This mouthpiece gets attached to the area you want to focus the fat freezing on. Then, the machine literally freezes this targeted area. Once the freezing portion of the procedure is finished, your skin can thaw as your fat cells die. However, the results of this procedure last a bit longer than just the duration of this process. Over the next two months, your body still works on ridding itself of these fat cells.

Things To Keep In Mind About Fat Freezing

In preparation for this procedure, you should keep in mind that you will have to sit still for around four hours. Therefore, bringing something to keep you busy is highly recommended. Also, the application can be a little uncomfortable. Given that there’s a pinching and pulling sensation, this should come as no surprise. The attendant also usually uses a marker to mark the areas you would like to be targeted, and straps the applicator on your body with Velcro. This may sound extremely constricting and nerve racking, but most spas and health centers that offer fat freezing have blankets and pillow to keep you comfortable. In addition, one procedure alone may not deliver the results you hope for. Patients usually go through with a few to get the desired effect.

The Benefits of Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is more aimed for trimming love handles and muffin tops. Therefore, it shouldn’t be used as an extreme or long term weight loss method. After all, it simply freezes fat from very specific areas on the body. This means that it helps those looking to fit into their jeans better, rather than for those who are looking to drop jean sizes. Fat freezing is a method directed toward sculpting your figure to target relatively small problem areas. Technically, fat freezing procedures can permanently remove fat from your body. However, if a patient isn’t pursuing other weight loss methods, they run the risk of simply gaining the weight back.

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