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So you’ve decided you’re going to lose weight. Congratulations! And you probably know that cardiovascular exercise is a super important part of weight loss success.  If you are tired of trying to get your cardio in with ellipticals and treadmills, it may be time to explore Fun Ways To Get Cardio. And there are so many possibilities when it comes to Fun Ways To Get Cardio! Let’s get started.

Fun Ways To Get Cardio: At Home Cardio

If you don’t like going to the gym to get your cardio, you may find it is more fun to do it at home. This is an especially good idea for those who cannot afford a gym membership as well as during the winter when it’s too cold to take your cardio outside. Fun Ways To Get Cardio at home include jump roping, dancing, hula-hooping, jumping jacks, and stair climbing  (yes, literally climbing your stairs). These ideas may not be as fun as what we’ll talk about below, but they are options to at least get you out of the gym since you can do them anywhere.

Fun Ways To Get Cardio: Classes And Sports

Whether it’s dance classes, joining an MMA or boxing gym, spinning, or other engaging cardio class, you can find Fun Ways To Get Cardio around every corner. Check with local gyms or on social media for ideas. You can also participate in club sports for Fun Ways To Get Cardio. Look up local club sports in your area. Examples of club sports you may enjoy for cardio include football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, rugby, tennis, rowing, roller derby, and more! There are so many options when it comes to classes and sports! If you have the resources to pursue these options, we definitely recommend it. Figure out what you want out of your cardio besides just heart health and weight loss, and you’ll know which options are right for you.

Fun Ways To Get Cardio: Take It Outside

Getting your cardio from outdoor activities is among the most Fun Ways To Get Cardio. We’re talking biking, hiking, rowing (an actual boat), rollerblading, beach running, and beach volley. In this winter this would also include skiing and snowboarding, particularly cross-country skiing. Getting your cardio outside somewhere beautiful is an especially rewarding experience and will make getting your cardio in seem like a breeze! The more you make your cardio experience a full, enjoyable activity, the more you will be motivated to stick with your cardio and lose weight. So find something you love.

Fun Ways To Get Cardio: Unexpected Ways

Some Fun Ways To Get Cardio are not what you’d expect! Or, at least, you may not think of these activities as cardio! Dancing is the first that comes to mind. And we’re not just talking about the dance classes mentioned above. Going out dancing at the club with your friends counts too! So put on your dancing shoes for a night on the town and embrace the sweat as you dance the night away! And, you might not think of this immediately, but sex can also be one of the more Fun Ways To Get Cardio. Not all love-making is physically demanding enough to be cardio, but we bet you can imagine the kind of getting-it-on that will also burn calories! Wink wink.

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