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If you’ve been hearing about the keto craze and everything this diet has to offer, you may be wondering, “Is Keto Right For Me?” Is Keto Right For Me is a good question to ask since, even though this diet shows a lot of promise for weight loss, it isn’t actually for everyone. And it’s better for some weight loss goals than others. So let’s get started with answering the question Is Keto Right For Me.

Is Keto Right For Me: You Want To Be Free From Food Addictions  

Do you have trouble controlling your desire to eat? Do you always feel hungry? Tend to binge? Can’t get away from your sugar or carb additions? When you ask Is Keto Right For Me when you have these problems with self-control and food addiction, the answer may be a resounding yes! If food addiction is your problem, going keto may be right for you since you will be giving up carbs and sugar. A ketogenic diet, among other things, is meant to help calibrate your appetite and relationship with food. And for people who ask Is Keto Right For Me who struggle with their relationship with food, a ketogenic diet may be useful. This does NOT apply to people with eating disorders.

Is Keto Right For Me: You Experience Fatigue After You Eat

Do you frequently experience fatigue after eating? Keto may be right for you! Why? Because a ketogenic diet produces energy in different ways than other diets. Nutritional ketosis causes your body to produce ketone bodies that burn fat stores (instead of glucose from carbs). This fat burning not only works to help you lose weight more efficiently (provided you do keto “right”); it also serves to level out your energy. You won’t experience the same kinds of highs and lows on a ketogenic diet as you do on a carb-heavy diet.

Is Keto Right For Me:  You’ve Tried Everything Else And Nothing Works

If you’re a person that has “tried everything” to lose weight (including every fad diet out there!), the answer to Is Keto Right For Me may be “YES!” This is because there are certain roadblocks to weight loss that other diets don’t address. Keto is unique in this way in its ability to address food addiction and energy allocation. In fact, if you’ve tried a lot of other diets for weight loss including super low calorie diets that leave you depleted of energy and oscillating between binging and starving yourself, the balance you get from a ketogenic lifestyle may support you better than other diets.

Is Keto Right For Me: The Takeaway

Asking Is Keto Right For Me is a responsible question. Some think a keto diet is unhealthy no matter what, but if you do it “right” and with an attitude of balance and commitment, it really can change your palate, energy levels, and relationship to food in positive ways. Keto is NOT right for people with eating disorders, pregnant or nursing women, extreme athletes (who rely on “quick” carb energy), diabetics, people with kidney disease, pre-existing liver or pancreatic conditions, blood sugar problems, or other major medical conditions. That is, unless you are cleared by a qualified expert or physician.

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