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If you’re starting a ketogenic diet, you are going to need to understand what foods are keto friendly and what aren’t. Some of the obvious culprits you need to rid your diet of include bread, pasta, and rice. Anything that contains white flour, sugar, or other white carbohydrates. And even “healthy” carbs like oatmeal and whole grains! This also includes “healthy” sweeteners like honey, agave, and pure maple syrup. And you need to watch out for other foods that have “sneaky” carbs – foods you wouldn’t suspect. These are food products like salad dressings, condiments like barbeque sauce and ketchup, sauces, health and protein bars, processed deli meats, flavored yogurts, and nut butters among others. Most of these have “hidden” carbs in the form of sugar. Snacking can be a particular challenge for keto weight loss. In this article, we’ll talk about Smart Keto Snacks. So what Smart Keto Snacks can you have without falling out of ketosis?

Smart Keto Snacks: Ready-To-Eat Smart Keto Snacks

When life gets busy, you may not have time to prepare your own Smart Keto Snacks. So grab some ready-to-eat Smart Keto Snacks instead! Ready-to-eat keto snacks include beef jerky, string cheese, [pure] nut butters, 80%+ dark chocolate, seaweed snacks, individually wrapped soft cheeses, cocoa nibs, avocado, sardines out of the can, pork rinds, pepperoni slices, iced coffee with cream, olives, cherry tomatoes, unsweetened yogurt, cheese crisps, and raw nuts. This list is not exhaustive!

Smart Keto Snacks: Homemade Smart Keto Snacks

If you do have time, you may want to do some prepping and have premade Smart Keto Snacks on hand. Or maybe you have time to prepare something to enjoy right now! Try making these and keeping them on hand for when you need a snack fix that’s in line with a ketogenic lifestyle. Examples of homemade Smart Keto Snacks include cut veggies, bacon, fondue, keto pizza made with almond flour or cauliflower crust, hardboiled or deviled eggs, lettuce wraps, veggies dipped in cheese, bone broth, homemade popsicles or smoothies (unsweetened or sweetened with stevia), tuna or nut butters stuffed in celery or hollowed out cucumber, guacamole, and deli meat and cheese roll-ups. You can combine any of these ideas together! Get creative.

Smart Keto Snacks: The Bottom Line

The bottom line when it comes to smart keto snacking is awareness. Are you aware of the carbohydrates in food products and the ingredients you use in your daily life? If you don’t, it’s time to get educated. You will have a difficult time getting into and remaining in ketosis if you aren’t informed about the carbs in your food. You’ll find that the best way to have Smart Keto Snacks is to swap out veggies for carb-laden foods like using sliced cucumbers in place of chips or crackers. So you can enjoy your guacamole without chips and your cheese without crackers. Swapping out these carbs for veggies also bolsters your diet by providing you with essential nutrients. The best way to snack smartly when on a keto diet is to limit your carb intake and eat as much nutrient dense food as possible! Smart snacking will be a key to weight loss success on a keto diet. Happy snacking!

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