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When it comes to losing weight, it seems like there are hundreds and thousands of different ways to do it. There are books about certain diets, diet trends, counting calories, workout routines, and so many more options. However, some people need something simple that can really stick into their lifestyle. After all, we aren’t all about to go on the Victoria’s Secret Model diet. Although there aren’t really any quick fixes when it comes to shedding extra pounds, nutritionists have discovered some easy ways to do it through diet.  One of those is using fiber for weight loss

So, is using fiber for weight loss an effective method? Fiber refers to carbohydrates that cannot necessarily be digested. It’s often found in plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Since your body cannot easily digest these foods, is passes through your system more quickly. Also, it can go through your body without causing blood sugar levels to rise.

Studies Using Fiber For Weight Loss

One study found that people who simply added fiber-filled foods to their diet lost about as much as those who followed a stricter low-fat plan created by the American Heart Association. This study may suggest that it could be more beneficial for weight loss to add fiber-packed veggies and whole grains rather than give up foods with fat. Although avoiding some fats is beneficial to weight loss, people were more likely to stick to the fiber-filled diet than the low-fat diet. Therefore, it’s a simpler diet plan to maintain for most people.

Using Fiber For Weight Loss As An Appetite Suppressant

Another quality that fiber has is that it can make you feel full. Often, it helps reduce food intake throughout the day when it’s included in diet. One study found that when people were told to include 30 grams of fiber into their diet, with no other changes to their diet, they were able to lose much more weight than before this change. When you include healthy and fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables in your diet, you are less likely to feel hungry before your next meal. Therefore, a diet packed with fiber can reduce your cravings and appetite throughout the day. Now, you won’t have to worry about sticking to your diet plan!

How To Start Using Fiber For Weight Loss

The fruits and vegetables you eat likely all have fiber, but the most concentrated areas are the skins of these plant-based foods. Therefore, you’ll consume more fiber from an apple with its skin intact than some kind of peeled fruit. Plus, an apple has vitamin C and potassium to boot! Another food rich in fiber is the green bean. If you’re more likely to eat foods that are less sweet, this may be a better food to add to your diet that lots of fruit. Green beans are also rich in vitamin C, and include about 30 percent of your daily value in just one cup. More often than not, these fiber filled foods are packed with other vitamins and minerals to add to a healthy diet. Try picking up some more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to boost your fiber intake and weight loss!  Who knows, you might find using fiber for weight loss might give you some significant help!

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