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If you’ve tried and failed to lose weight, especially on multiple occasions, you may be wondering Why Losing Weight Is Difficult! Should losing weight be easy? Well, it is, at least in theory. Portion control, food choices, and exercise habits are the trifecta that lead to effective and lasting weight loss. However, in practice, most of us figure out Why Losing Weight Is Difficult just based on our failures. In this brief article about Why Losing Weight Is Difficult, we’ll look at the reasons why this is the case. And what you can do about it.

Why Losing Weight Is Difficult: You’re Not Keeping It Real

Do you know what you need to do to lose weight? Like what you really need to do? Do you know what your actual roadblocks are to losing weight? It’s time to get real. One of the reasons Why Losing Weight Is Difficult is because people fail to be honest with their weaknesses and the moments they are most likely to self-sabotage. Maybe your kryptonite is eating when you’re bored or emotional. Or maybe you let your cheat meals turn into cheat days or cheat weekends. Or maybe you’re the master of making excuses. Perhaps you’re the kind of person who talks a big weight loss game but then fails to follow through with the action you need to see real results. It’s time to reflect on your own personal reasons for Why Losing Weight Is Difficult for YOU. Then you can begin problem solving.

Why Losing Weight Is Difficult: You Lack Proper Motivation And Reinforcers

Are you properly motivated to lose weight? One reason Why Losing Weight Is Difficult is because people have the wrong sense of motivation. Your weight loss efforts should not feel like a drag. Instead of feeling like you’re depriving yourself of foods, you should be getting excited about learning new ways of healthy cooking and starting love affairs with good, whole foods. You should feel pumped about exercising by finding workouts that are fun for you as well as effective. You should envision a bright future where you succeed with weight loss. Don’t anticipate failure and don’t think of weight loss as some chore. You are way more likely to self-sabotage if your weight loss attitude is drenched in negativity.

Why Losing Weight Is Difficult: The Bottom Line

There are many reasons Why Losing Weight Is Difficult. We have gone over some of them in this article – like how you aren’t real with yourself and how you don’t have effective motivation. Or how you rely on negative instead of positive reinforcement. Also, stay away from beauty magazines or Instagram or anywhere that you are comparing yourself to others. A sure way to sabotage your efforts is to compare yourself with others who seem perfect. Let those narcissists do their thing on social media. But pay no mind and work on yourself, be positive, and be honest with yourself. If you stay focused in this way, you will be able to tackle any of the reasons Why Losing Weight Is Difficult. And you will find lasting success!

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