Why Sugar Is Unhealthy

It’s no secret that the Standard American Diet contains an excessive amount of sugar. Sugar is added to so many food products. Even ones that we don’t necessarily think of as sweet. Food companies and chain restaurants know the addictive nature of sugar and don’t seem to care much about Why Sugar Is Unhealthy. But the reasons Why Sugar Is Unhealthy are more than just being bad for your teeth. Your body and brain are also greatly affected and that is the main reason Why Sugar Is Unhealthy. Sugar is powerful and if you don’t learn to control it, it may control you!

Why Sugar Is Unhealthy: Your Body

Sugar does one of two things. It will either displace foods in your diet that contain more nutrients. This means it contains empty calories that do nothing for you nutritionally. This is one reason Why Sugar Is Unhealthy. The other main thing sugar does is add extra calories. If you’re eating sugar and not nutrient dense foods, you’re basically just getting calories without the goodness that you should be consuming with other, more quality foods. This is another reason Why Sugar Is Unhealthy for your body. In addition, added sugars also put you at a greater risk for poor lipid profiles (fats) including higher triglycerides, higher LDL (“bad” cholesterol), and lower HDL (“good” cholesterol) levels in your blood.

Why Sugar Is Unhealthy: Your Brain

The reason Why Sugar Is Unhealthy for your brain is psychological. Have you ever experienced a “sugar high” than can eventually lead to a crash that leads you feeling lethargic and moody? Also, sugar can be an addiction. Literally! You can become a sugar addict!  That’s where cravings come from. But if you find that you do a sugar “cleanse” where you lay of sugar for a time, you’ll find that those cravings subside, not unlike someone who kicks a nicotine habit. Some research even suggests that the preoccupation with sugar can cause impaired memory and learning abilities as well as exacerbate the effects of depression. Finally, another reason Why Sugar Is Unhealthy for your brain is because it can inhibit your “overeating” sense that tells you when you’re full and satisfied. Basically, sugar can mess up how your brain reacts and interacts with food to fool you into thinking you’re still hungry.

Why Sugar Is Unhealthy: The Bottom Line

The bottom line about sugar is that it’s really not good for you! I trace amounts, it can be a  nice treat. That’s why it is best to enjoy desserts as celebratory treats. Rather than emotional indulges or something you turn to when you’re bored. Compulsively going after the sweet stuff indicates a sugar addiction. And eating excessive sugar will not do your body any nutritional favors. If you want something sweet on a regular basis but are trying to lose weight, opt for natural sugars in fruit instead. Or wean yourself off sugar for a while so you control your relationship with it and not the other way around. Use it sparingly and fill your diet with nutrient dense foods instead.

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