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Will Keto Increase Your Libido?

So, you’ve probably heard of the keto diet by now. If you haven’t, we’re not really sure what kind of person you are. Maybe a caveman? Or a 100-year old grandma without the Internet? Well, either way, if you haven’t heard, you’re missing out. Because, keto is the most popular diet right now for a reason. And, the alleged health benefits are OFF THE CHAIN. Seriously, some people have even made claims that keto has given them better skin and hair. So, besides the obvious weight loss potential, this diet is worth trying for other reasons. But, have you also ever wondered: Will Keto Increase Your Libido? It’s an honest question. Because, this diet seems to be the holy grail of health in every aspect of your life! So, there are many people asking the question Will Keto Increase Your Libido? This article may help answer some of those questions. And, when you’re done, you might even have another reason to try the keto diet. Keep in mind that we’re not experts, but we have found some expert opinions on this article on the topic. So, read on to learn the answer to the question of Will Keto Increase Your Libido?

Some Thoughts On The Question: Will Keto Increase Your Libido?

  1. When you first get on the keto diet, your whole body changes. Some people even experience what’s called a “keto flu” right as their body reaches ketosis. But, once these symptoms pass, most people might start feeling better and even start feeling GREAT. So, it might be the same with your sex life on keto. Will Keto Increase Your Libido? Well, maybe not right away. In fact, you might not even want to have sex because of the keto flu. But, then, your sex life could surge to new heights later!
  2. Being healthier increases your overall energy. So, when you start a keto diet, you start paying more attention to what you eat. And, the better your diet is, the more energy you’ll have (for sex).
  3. You might feel better about your body when on the keto diet! Maybe your partner is wondering, Will Keto Increase Your Libido? Well, it could increase your libido simply because you feel more confident in your new body. So, enjoy this benefit if it happens to you!
  4. Maybe you need to redefine what great sex is. Entering the keto diet is just entering a new lifestyle. So, take the chance to evaluate everything, even your sex life. Maybe you shouldn’t be asking, Will Keto Increase Your Libido?, but rather, is my partner giving me good sex?
  5. Lastly, the keto diet could have an affect on your leptin levels. And, leptin may have something to do with your sex drive. So, some people say this could either be good or bad for your sex life.

To Summarize: Will Keto Increase Your Libido?

This is one of those questions we can’t answer directly. Because, the keto diet has a huge range of effects on many different people. However, we do know that increasing your health can ONLY be good for your sex drive. So, if you are interested in increasing your health, research how to start a keto diet! And, if you’re interested in other sexual health supplements or general health supplements, check out the Best New Supplements Page!

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