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If you want to lose weight it would be wise to look at the places in life that you spend the most time in. For instance: your workplace! There are a variety of thing that you can do at work depending on how mobile you are. While in construction you might not have to worry as much about losing weight, it might become a problem in more sedentary jobs. That’s why I have compiled this super handy dandy list of at work weight loss tips!

  1. Don’t Eat the Donuts: Whether it’s for someone’s birthday, the Christmas season, or your coworker Jake brought some in to be nice, it doesn’t matter, do not eat the donuts that people bring into work. It is going to be extremely tempting but you need to leave those glazed sugary calorie bombs alone. You’re trying to lose weight after all, not get an extra chin.
  2. Drink Water Instead of Soda: Yes it has caffeine, and yes you stayed up last night watching TV, but do not drink soda. It is loaded with sugars, which as you probably know are not good for your body. Stick to water or coffee if you want to lose the handles.
  3. Do Pushups: Depending on where you work, this might actually just be really awkward, but if you can pull it off, do some pushups. Just make sure you are not getting in anyone’s way.
  4. Ride Your Bike To Work: If you really want a good leg workout, there are few things in life that are quite as consistent as your commute to work. By riding even part of the way to work you will be setting yourself up for success in more ways than you could possible imagine.
  5. Pack A Healthy Lunch: If your work place has a habit of ordering in lunch from unhealthy restaurants, there is a good chance that this is not helping you in your quest to lose weight. Try packing a lunch with meats and fruits and vegetables. You’ll be able to see exactly what you are putting in your body and have more control over your meal!
  6. Eat Fiber Yo:  Did you know that eating an ample amount of fiber can help you lose weight?  That’s because it has the desirable quality of making you feel full without eating a bunch.  If you want to learn more about how to use fiber to help you lose weight, we have an excellent article on the topic.  You can view our article on using fiber for weight loss here.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways for you to help yourself lose weight while you are at your job. The more active your job is, the better, but if you find yourself in a chair at a desk for most of the day, then you really should be following some of the recommendations above. People who have a few good habits often do much better in life simply because of the consistency of the habits.  Di you like our list of at work weight loss tips?  If so, consider giving us a like or share on social media.  You can click one of the links up top to do that now.  Ready to read more of our great weight loss articles? Click here to head to our weight loss page.

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